Bourbon Beauty: Getting Ready for Derby with Emma Justine Salon!

Happy April, and welcome to the OFFICIAL 1 month count down to DERBY!! Last week Emma Justine Salon had an adorable Derby Party filled with amazing local vendors. Unfortunately, I could only peek in to get a few shots, but I didn't want to miss out on sharing this. (Emma Justine is my *favorite* salon in Louisville. She's done amazing work on my hair, and her esthetician did an amazing job on my last facial. Since I have sensitive skin, and prefer organic products, Emma Justine Salon is a savior for all things beauty.).


I don't know what I love more, the salon, or the food they offer during their events lol (Kidding! but their caterer is amazing! I was in love with their opening event.).


When you walk into her salon, the first thing I always see are the moving art pieces she has hanging up. Art by AIZIK was a featured vendor at their event! Love the art!


BB Macarons looked delicious!! So many different flavors to choose from. If you're having a derby party, this would be adorable as little treats.


LOUVINO from Middletown was there with appetizers, their food looked delicious. I really need to try them out, I've heard great things (especially about their charcuterie, and their lobster and crab cakes!).


Everyone knows Derby is about fashion, and while the main focus may be looking for the hats, I'm always checking out the bow ties! I love how guys (or gals) can show off a super fun look through a bow tie. These colorful ones are available from Peak Ties

Parkside Family Dental was also showcasing some of their available treatments! More info here.

Prickly Pear Boutique also showcased some of their goodies from their boutique! The Derby tumblers were cute, and the bright colors for spring are completely on trend!

While trying to find goodies for your parties and Derby celebrations, please consider supporting local :-)

Thank you Emma Justine Salon for your invitation! I hope you guys will follow me along as I prepare for fun Derby events this following month!

For more information on these amazing businesses, as well as Emma Justine Salon, I've included their direct links above.

What are you most looking forward to for Derby?

Emma Justin Salon
15115 Main Street 
Louisville, Ky. 

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