Generic Value Products: Review


I don't know about you, but I can be pretty picky when it comes to buying generic products VS brand names. I'm very loyal to brands I love, and only veer into new products when I absolutely have to, or, for the sake of review purposes.

Growing up, I remember my parents always made a point of never buying generic food brands, or medicines that were generic. But, did you know that Tylenol and generic store brands are legally required to have the same exact thing, acetaminophen? That's according to an article I read online..but does that stop me from buying the name brand? No, sadly it doesn't. When I think of certain brands, I just correlate that with quality.

While browsing at Sally Beauty Supply, I was looking for a good quality conditioner. I had recently cut my hair, and the stylist at Aveda left my hair so soft and smooth, I wanted to keep the healthy texture, but at a budget price. When I was a teenager, my aunt used to give my mom bottles of things she was currently trying out, and one of the bottles were Matrix Biolage. I remember how soft it left my hair, but for some reason I never really purchased it as an adult. Drug store hair products I purchase, are either Pantene (I love the smell!), John Frieda, or Head & Shoulders (I have very dry skin/scalp.). Biolage just never caught my attention.

I saw the bottle of Generic Biolage, and out of curiosity, I took a peek at the back.

The back of the bottle lists the ingredients for a side by side comparison, and they both contained the same thing! I opened the bottle to sniff, and they even smelled the same. They even have a guarantee for a full refund if you aren't satisfied.

After trying it for a couple of weeks now (I'm almost done with the bottle actually), it totally mimics what I remember trying years ago.


The texture is milky and gel-like as I remember the brand one being, and the scent is spot on. I've tried makeup "dupes" for cosmetics in the past, and unfortunately, just because a color is the same, it doesn't mean the quality is there. The color pay off, lasting power, texture, flavor etc. can be way off (therefor making the brand name very much worth what you pay for.), but I couldn't find any inconsistencies in this product. My hair was left super soft, shiny, and still smelling like the conditioner by the 2nd day. Nothing I've purchased hair wise in the drugstore, has given me the same results. 

So, my final thoughts are that I would definitely re-purchase this (and plan on and soon as I finish the bottle), and would really consider buying other "generic" versions from this company if I see something I like.

How do you feel about generic products? Which ones have you purchased? And which ones would you never consider purchasing?

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