Bourbon Beauty: Emma Justine Salon Holiday Gift Ideas!

It's no secret my *love* for Amie @ Emma Justine Salon. (I found her thanks to friend on Instagram, and I visited her before I was invited to try out her services at her new salon.). I've written about my hair gloss treatment here, her Grand Opening here, and she has an Instagram highlight on my stories on my page (if you're interested in seeing my mini video experiences at her salon/party!)

I've loved every service I've received (hence why I keep going back!). One of my favorite treatments was the facial I received from her spa esthetician. I loved the ambiance of the place (it was very soothing and relaxing, they played music and offered me water).

I undressed to my comfort level, and we had a small consult discussing my skin type. I have sensitive skin for the most part (I was diagnosed with A-topic Dermatitis and seasonal Eczema/psoriasis), and I try to use as many natural products as possible. (I enjoy trying new things, but I always tend to go back to products with minimal ingredients because they cause the least stress to my skin.).

I loved all of the products she used! My skin felt soft, supple, and I experienced no irritation from the products she used on my skin. The line Shira she carries was *amazing*. It smelled great! Its an organic all natural line, so if you have sensitive skin, this is the place to go to.

I loved the serum she used, which was the pomegranate scented. (Surprising, because its not a typical scent I like. It was very sweet and soothing.)

This was hands down my favorite product she used, the Mango mask was AMAZING. I need to go back and buy this. If I were to purchase anything, this would be the one I would do. My skin was left very soft and moisturized. 

Aside from Spa services, I can't rave enough about my HAIR! She's been doing my haircuts for I think about a year now? I finally bit the bullet and she worked her magic foil Baylage (I think that's what its called?). I forgot the correct term, but I LOVED it. I didn't want anything that required a lot of maintenance, nor something that was super noticeable. This was perfect! I was so happy with her work.

Christmas time is the perfect time to treat yourself or someone you adore to a little pampering! She has giftcards available for all services and products. Also, products of the month are 25% off! 

For more information, check out her website:

What is your favorite salon in Louisville?

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