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I believe it was last year, as I was browsing through Instagram (like many of us do) I saw a picture of someone's new haircut that I follow (MochiAndMimosa <~ I adore her feed!), and she mentioned she went to Amie Migirova for her haircuts.

I booked my appointment right away (she fills up very quickly, and you *know* someone who fills up quickly is a go to!), and I was SO impressed, I continued to book my haircuts through her. I have loved

Since we moved to Middletown, I've had a hard time finding (and trusting) a place with my hair. I hate that they either cut too much, or don't cut it correctly. With Amie, not only has she done a perfect job every time, she's the only person I'd trust to tell her to just do what she thinks will look right. When I left my appointment, not only did I feel pampered, I felt like an actual normal person (mommy hood does that! You get so involved in your kids' activities, you forget you need a little TLC once in a while. Well, Amie is my TLC!!).

I was notified that she opened her new salon, and I was really excited! Not only was I happy because she opened her own place (she's such a sweetheart, I love seeing good people succeeding!) but she moved literally 3 minutes from my house (>>>>Convenience!). I wasn't sure what to expect when I walked in, but it was so gorgeous I couldn't help but snap some pictures. (I did not go in there with the intention of blogging this, but I know people need to know about this gem! This post is not sponsored in any way, I paid for my services this day.).

The aesthetic of this place is *beautiful*! I loved the decor and the feel of it, it felt like I was walking onto the set of some Hollywood Glam location. I adored the open feel of her Salon, and everything was visually appealing, very clean and modern.

The Vanities and the lighting she chose was gorgeous! I adored everything about her new place. It felt very luxurious, old Hollywood glam.

Amie is a huge supporter of local businesses, and she has these two huge beautiful paintings from a local artist. (I don't remember then name, but as soon as I find it, I'll put their info here. The paintings are gorgeous!)

So down to the nitty gritty, my hair! I always love the products she uses, I leave her salon with the smoothest hair ever. This last time, she told me she used Kevin Murphy products, and for my hair texture (wavy/thick), she used the smooth again line (it was a pale yellow bottle). 

She also did a gloss treatment on my hair, and my hair has never looked and felt so soft!


These pictures are completely unretouched, no filters (my 7 year old took the pics, future photographer? haha.) My hair is so shiny, these pictures didn't even do it justice. All I needed was a wind machine (and maybe a few (ahem) work out sessions) and I could be bff's with Beyonce.

All kidding aside, my hair felt (and still feels!) amazing, I already have my next session booked! 

Thank you so much for your amazing work Amie, I can't wait to come in again.
Check out Amie's New Location! 
Support Local Businesses, and get your shine on.

Emma Justine Hair Lounge & Spa

11511 Main Street
Louisville, Ky. 40243

Stay tuned for our next post, I'll be featuring other services available in her salon. 

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