Bourbon Beauty: Awakenings Boutique Real Faces of Cancer

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A couple of weeks ago, I attended an event (and did a social media takeover, which you can still see on my Instagram stories!) for a beautiful shop called “Awakenings Boutique”. I’ve written about the boutique before, and how its touched my heart. It’s a shop located here in Louisville, Ky., that specializes in wigs, hair pieces, turbans, and other healing essentials for those affected by cancer. That article, was an especially difficult one to write, considering it hadn’t been long after my grandmother’s passing.


This month marks the one-year anniversary of her passing (crazy to think how quickly time sees to be flying), and it felt very fitting that I was able to partake, in such a healing movement, during this exact time. Everyone deals with the grieving process differently, and for myself, seeing others persevere past such a difficult moment, was a very healing experience for me.

The purpose of this event was to gather beautiful, strong, courageous women to give a real face to cancer. As we have all noticed, media has been slowly changing, more and more people are demanding for campaigns to show what real bodies, real faces, real HUMANS look like. This story is no different to those affected by cancer. Models using wigs presented in these magazines are not real. Why not place real women dealing with cancer under those wigs, and show their beauty, strength, and power?

(Heidi Herrman Fuller - Owner @ Awakenings Boutique)

The event (curated by the amazing owner of Awakenings Boutique, Heidi Herrman Fuller), was held at a photography studio owned by Hollie Colwick in La Grange, Ky. The studio was so pretty! I was so impressed. Not only by the aesthetics of the beautiful space, but the beautiful energy and sweetness of the photographer. Hollie was this amazing breathe of fresh air, to see her positivity and kindness was very heart warming.

When I arrived, the beautiful models were getting ready for their photo shoot. Primp Style Lounge donated their styling for the event (I can’t even begin to express how moved I felt that these women all came together to help!). If you’re looking for a make-up artist/stylist, I highly recommend you check them out, Primp Style Lounge did an amazing job with everyone's makeup, I know where I'll be booking for my next special event! Christine Mueller, of Christine Mueller Photography, was so kind, she donated makeup from The Beauty Counter. Everyone looked phenomenal!


Beautiful Jessica Taylor, owner of That Cute Little Shop Boutique, donated clothing from her boutique (the outfits were so stylish and her clothing is so unique. I could be wrong, but believe I was told there were only about 6 of each piece available in her store. Never worry about wearing the same dress to an event lol), and the dresses were from Gretchen Scott Designs. When I say women got together to make this event possible, women really GOT TOGETHER and donated whatever they could to help the wonderful cause! Calinda Young from Life Group was also sweet enough to donate gift baskets to each of the recipients <3<3<3

 Once the women were done with the fab team from Primp Style, they went to the next room to get their wigs on with Heidi, (her boutique not only donated them their wigs, but also gave them another wig to gift to someone else in need! So many blessings in one afternoon.)


Hollie did an outstanding job photographing all of the women! It was such a joy to see how much fun everyone was having. Throughout the event, the women were also interviewed by Today's Woman, and WLKY News. Everyone was so proud to tell their own stories, these women were so courageous. It was a blessing to be in their presence.


Debra Locker, of Locker PR, and her team did an amazing job orchestrating this event. So many empowering women under one roof.

(All of the awesome women who donated their time, love, and support!)

Congratulations to Heidi Fuller on all of your success! You are a huge inspiration to all women. A big warm thank you to everyone who was able to help make this event happen. You gave a voice, and real face to cancer, and lots of love to the courageous women who participated in this event.

Thank you!

Sponsors and Partners:
John Hermann of Hermann's Service Center
Jerry Katzoff of Louisville Bats Baseball Club
Gretchen Scott of Gretchen Scott Designs
Hollie Colwick of Hollie Colwick Photography
Christine Mueller of Christine Mueller Photography
Debra Locker of Locker Public Relations
Calinda Young of National Life Group

I'm looking forward to reading their pieces this fall! For more information on their stories, check out:

Also check out Heidi Fuller's new Awakenings Boutique location!

Awakenings Boutique
12121 Shelbyville Rd.
Louisville, Ky. 40243

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