Bourbon Beauty: Happy 1 Year Anniversary Awakenings Boutique (Cancer Treatment Essentials)

Being completely honest, when I was first told about visiting Awakenings Boutique, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to feel stepping into the store. My grandmother passed away just 8 months ago from cancer, and it is still very much a healing process. I often catch myself wanting to call her, and I quickly remember that she's no longer here. I've attempted to write this post out a couple of times, but shut my laptop down, because I figure I'll write more clearly tomorrow.... Any reference to cancer seems to trigger an emotional response, and I generally prefer to keep my blog light hearted. Sticking with honesty, life isn't always light hearted. Life is beautiful, but its hard. Life is loving, but its cold too. I don't care how positive you try to be, things get messy. When it does, sometimes all you can do is laugh and roll with it... and this is exactly what Heidi Fuller has done. And let me tell you, she's done it very well.


 Upon first glance into the boutique, I saw beautiful decor (I've been on a redecorating spree, so I notice furniture more now than ever lol). Its a beautiful space, but the more I speak with Heidi, the more I see her personal touches everywhere! Not only is this a place of beautifully handpicked items, what sets her shop apart is why she handpicked each item. Heidi herself is a Cancer Survivor. She knows what it feels like to go through the process. She told me she knew how hard and personal it feels to a woman to lose her hair, to feel vulnerable and not know where to start. Every. Single. Item. in this shop was chosen with a purpose. To either fulfill a need, give some inspiration, or bring some much needed laughter.


 Her shop is filled with pretty tops, and accessories with inspirational quotes (and those are useful for anyone! Lord knows I have days that I need a boost). Along with uplifting sayings, she also has some pretty downright naughty and funny as hell stationary for those that need a laugh too! It was funny, she told me a couple of stories about how supportive her husband and mother were during her own treatments, and how they used humor amongst themselves to help ease through the process. I could completely see how important those opportunities to laugh are. My (amazing) Aunt Bea would call and tell me jokes her and my own grandmother had with their own nurses. =)

Everyone's healing story is different, and very much full of so many emotions and needs. Since not one story is the same, it was important to Heidi to offer her customers a little bit of everything, and her shop really does carry it all!


Aside from clothing and accessories, she also carries planners to help document the process (write in Dr. appointments and such), as well as these bags she helps you assemble to create a kit to bring to appointments. (How AMAZING is that?! and how helpful!). I wish I had taken pictures, but she also had these neat shirts that had an already built slit in it to ease implantable ports (for Chemo, or to help give medicine.). I remember vividly my grandmother fumbling with her shirt, if only I had known something like that had existed. These are things you don't think of, or realize they even exist. It really is an eye opener to see products available through someone who has already had that experience.


Its very common for a woman to experience hair loss with cancer, and I've heard of some unfortunate stories of awful experiences when purchasing wigs. Its a sad truth, but some sales people (especially those who don't understand/ can't relate) aren't very kind, or don't know how to empathize with the delicateness of it. Its an emotional process (rightfully so), and working with someone who has been through it makes all of the difference. Not only has she created these beautiful warm (private) dressing rooms, she also has personally placed together paperwork to help customers find their insurance coverage for them!(!!), kits to wash (along with care instructions) the wigs. When I say she's thought of everything, she really has gone above and beyond.

Aside from the previously mentioned, she also carries some natural skin care products/ointments that help with the side affects of certain medications and procedures. (Along with books, mugs, housewares... it really is a store for everyone!) I'm going to swing back in and pick up a shirt I really loved when I visited.

Congratulations Heidi Fuller on your one year anniversary store opening! I loved seeing such a smart, talented, beautiful, driven woman such as yourself succeeding with your beautiful boutique! I wish you lots of success.

Check out Awakenings Boutique!

9708 Brownsboro Road
Louisville, Kentucky.

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