Bourbon Beauty: Save the Date! Emma Justine Hair Lounge & Spa Grand Opening.

Save the Date! I can't wait to see you there ♡ 

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Bourbon Beauty: Dragon Fruit Snack Recipe

I'm a foodie in every shape, color, meaning of the word. I love trying new things, and I'm intrigued by new foods! Fruit is no exception, and when I saw pictures of Melissa's Dragon Fruit (Also known as Pitaya) I knew I wanted to try it! (I'd really love to know who was the first human being to see this growing on a tree and think "Wow, that looks tasty!" The bright colors would deter me lol. Thank you to whoever discovered it hahaha.) I ran to Krogers, and grabbed a few pieces of the fruit along with my groceries.

When I first tasted Dragon Fruit, it reminded me somewhat of Jicama. Don't get me wrong, it tastes nothing like Jicama (I know lol, bare with me), and while its no where near as firm in texture, it has a rather bland and mellow flavor like Jicama. Its one of those fruits/veggies that are so bland that they taste wonderful dressed sweet or savory. When I ate the fruit, I thought, why not try and dress it up like the Mexican Street "Fruitas en Vaso" that we occasionally have at home. 


After I cleaned the fruit, I cut it in half, and scored the fruit in both directions (Vertically & horizontally) with a knife. I cut into the flesh, taking care not to penetrate the skin.


Once I scored the flesh, I scooped out the cubes with a spoon into a small bowl.

(Tajin & Chamoy Seasoning I used to dress it)


Once it was scooped out, I seasoned it with 2 TBSP of Chamoy Sauce (its a tangy sauce used for dressing fruits and veggies), and a few shakes of Tajin Powder according to taste. I mixed it all well (taking care not to smash the cubes of Dragon Fruit), and placed it into the skin of the fruit I saved.

I added more Tajin to the plate for garnish and dipping. I loved how it tasted, and can't wait to snack on some again. 

What's the craziest fruit you've ever tasted? 

Bourbon Beauty: Quote.

This made me laugh. Happy Monday!

Bourbon Beauty: Awakenings Boutique Real Faces of Cancer

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Wig Available at Awakenings Boutique

A couple of weeks ago, I attended an event (and did a social media takeover, which you can still see on my Instagram stories!) for a beautiful shop called “Awakenings Boutique”. I’ve written about the boutique before, and how its touched my heart. It’s a shop located here in Louisville, Ky., that specializes in wigs, hair pieces, turbans, and other healing essentials for those affected by cancer. That article, was an especially difficult one to write, considering it hadn’t been long after my grandmother’s passing.


This month marks the one-year anniversary of her passing (crazy to think how quickly time sees to be flying), and it felt very fitting that I was able to partake, in such a healing movement, during this exact time. Everyone deals with the grieving process differently, and for myself, seeing others persevere past such a difficult moment, was a very healing experience for me.

The purpose of this event was to gather beautiful, strong, courageous women to give a real face to cancer. As we have all noticed, media has been slowly changing, more and more people are demanding for campaigns to show what real bodies, real faces, real HUMANS look like. This story is no different to those affected by cancer. Models using wigs presented in these magazines are not real. Why not place real women dealing with cancer under those wigs, and show their beauty, strength, and power?

(Heidi Herrman Fuller - Owner @ Awakenings Boutique)

The event (curated by the amazing owner of Awakenings Boutique, Heidi Herrman Fuller), was held at a photography studio owned by Hollie Colwick in La Grange, Ky. The studio was so pretty! I was so impressed. Not only by the aesthetics of the beautiful space, but the beautiful energy and sweetness of the photographer. Hollie was this amazing breathe of fresh air, to see her positivity and kindness was very heart warming.

When I arrived, the beautiful models were getting ready for their photo shoot. Primp Style Lounge donated their styling for the event (I can’t even begin to express how moved I felt that these women all came together to help!). If you’re looking for a make-up artist/stylist, I highly recommend you check them out, Primp Style Lounge did an amazing job with everyone's makeup, I know where I'll be booking for my next special event! Christine Mueller, of Christine Mueller Photography, was so kind, she donated makeup from The Beauty Counter. Everyone looked phenomenal!


Beautiful Jessica Taylor, owner of That Cute Little Shop Boutique, donated clothing from her boutique (the outfits were so stylish and her clothing is so unique. I could be wrong, but believe I was told there were only about 6 of each piece available in her store. Never worry about wearing the same dress to an event lol), and the dresses were from Gretchen Scott Designs. When I say women got together to make this event possible, women really GOT TOGETHER and donated whatever they could to help the wonderful cause! Calinda Young from Life Group was also sweet enough to donate gift baskets to each of the recipients <3<3<3

 Once the women were done with the fab team from Primp Style, they went to the next room to get their wigs on with Heidi, (her boutique not only donated them their wigs, but also gave them another wig to gift to someone else in need! So many blessings in one afternoon.)


Hollie did an outstanding job photographing all of the women! It was such a joy to see how much fun everyone was having. Throughout the event, the women were also interviewed by Today's Woman, and WLKY News. Everyone was so proud to tell their own stories, these women were so courageous. It was a blessing to be in their presence.


Debra Locker, of Locker PR, and her team did an amazing job orchestrating this event. So many empowering women under one roof.

(All of the awesome women who donated their time, love, and support!)

Congratulations to Heidi Fuller on all of your success! You are a huge inspiration to all women. A big warm thank you to everyone who was able to help make this event happen. You gave a voice, and real face to cancer, and lots of love to the courageous women who participated in this event.

Thank you!

Sponsors and Partners:
John Hermann of Hermann's Service Center
Jerry Katzoff of Louisville Bats Baseball Club
Gretchen Scott of Gretchen Scott Designs
Hollie Colwick of Hollie Colwick Photography
Christine Mueller of Christine Mueller Photography
Debra Locker of Locker Public Relations
Calinda Young of National Life Group

I'm looking forward to reading their pieces this fall! For more information on their stories, check out:

Also check out Heidi Fuller's new Awakenings Boutique location!

Awakenings Boutique
12121 Shelbyville Rd.
Louisville, Ky. 40243

Bourbon Beauty: Beautiful New Salon - Emma Justine Hair Lounge & Spa

I believe it was last year, as I was browsing through Instagram (like many of us do) I saw a picture of someone's new haircut that I follow (MochiAndMimosa <~ I adore her feed!), and she mentioned she went to Amie Migirova for her haircuts.

I booked my appointment right away (she fills up very quickly, and you *know* someone who fills up quickly is a go to!), and I was SO impressed, I continued to book my haircuts through her. I have loved

Since we moved to Middletown, I've had a hard time finding (and trusting) a place with my hair. I hate that they either cut too much, or don't cut it correctly. With Amie, not only has she done a perfect job every time, she's the only person I'd trust to tell her to just do what she thinks will look right. When I left my appointment, not only did I feel pampered, I felt like an actual normal person (mommy hood does that! You get so involved in your kids' activities, you forget you need a little TLC once in a while. Well, Amie is my TLC!!).

I was notified that she opened her new salon, and I was really excited! Not only was I happy because she opened her own place (she's such a sweetheart, I love seeing good people succeeding!) but she moved literally 3 minutes from my house (>>>>Convenience!). I wasn't sure what to expect when I walked in, but it was so gorgeous I couldn't help but snap some pictures. (I did not go in there with the intention of blogging this, but I know people need to know about this gem! This post is not sponsored in any way, I paid for my services this day.).

The aesthetic of this place is *beautiful*! I loved the decor and the feel of it, it felt like I was walking onto the set of some Hollywood Glam location. I adored the open feel of her Salon, and everything was visually appealing, very clean and modern.

The Vanities and the lighting she chose was gorgeous! I adored everything about her new place. It felt very luxurious, old Hollywood glam.

Amie is a huge supporter of local businesses, and she has these two huge beautiful paintings from a local artist. (I don't remember then name, but as soon as I find it, I'll put their info here. The paintings are gorgeous!)

So down to the nitty gritty, my hair! I always love the products she uses, I leave her salon with the smoothest hair ever. This last time, she told me she used Kevin Murphy products, and for my hair texture (wavy/thick), she used the smooth again line (it was a pale yellow bottle). 

She also did a gloss treatment on my hair, and my hair has never looked and felt so soft!


These pictures are completely unretouched, no filters (my 7 year old took the pics, future photographer? haha.) My hair is so shiny, these pictures didn't even do it justice. All I needed was a wind machine (and maybe a few (ahem) work out sessions) and I could be bff's with Beyonce.

All kidding aside, my hair felt (and still feels!) amazing, I already have my next session booked! 

Thank you so much for your amazing work Amie, I can't wait to come in again.
Check out Amie's New Location! 
Support Local Businesses, and get your shine on.

Emma Justine Hair Lounge & Spa

11511 Main Street
Louisville, Ky. 40243

Stay tuned for our next post, I'll be featuring other services available in her salon. 

Bourbon Beauty: Level Up Louisville Review (Photography/ Calligraphy/ Writing)

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My husband purchased me a camera about 2 years ago (give or take) for Christmas, and it sat in my closet because I had no idea how to work the damn thing. I was annoyed because I didn't know how it functioned, he was annoyed because he thought I didn't like the gift, it was a hot mess. (Maybe we need to take a communication course haha).

Fast forward to summer 2018, I noticed an Instagram account about classes given locally in Louisville, (yes it included a photography class...) and now I'm obsessed! I love crafts, I love candles, I love food.... and as I scoured their class list my wish list of courses grew and grew. EVERYTHING was appealing to me! I knew how to do a lot of these things, but how fun would it be to give me an excuse to actually do the craft I never make time for, learn from an actual pro, and take home said project. It was a win/win.

Photography 101

I rarely go out without my kids (my husband works long hours, so the last thing I want is to leave him with the responsibility of watching the boys), but this could be the exception since I could use this class for work myself (Mom/Wife Guilt 101). I signed up for a photography class, and I enjoyed it so much, I continued to sign up for more. (for work, of course.)

My photography class was held in Story Louisville. I probably walked passed it 3x before I realized where the class was located (another student had her camera bag, so we were both frantically looking for the entrance lol. At least I was in good company!).

I was relieved when I found it (it was a slender door, so if your looking for it remember what the above door looks like lol!). As I walked up the stairs, I saw their fun sign and was ready for the action.

As a courtesy to the teacher, and her hard work, I'm respecting their privacy and am not publishing their slides. The image above gives you an idea of what the class looks like. You've invited to grab a beverage, (Wine or Water) take a seat at the table, and listen to the instructor as they guide you through the basics of how to use your DSLR. I found her class very informative, so much so that I was finally able to use my DSLR for the first time. I still need practice like everything else, but its awesome that I'm finally able to easily use my camera! Thanks Natalia Bishop!


The next class that I took, was a Calligraphy class with Elise from Old Glory Paper Co. This was FUN! Not only did I get to learn the basics of Calligraphy, but I was able to take home my own pen and nib (partly why I signed up for the, and calligraphy paper to practice on. I was so excited to learn this art! I've purchased old fountain pens with the removable cartridges, but this was my first time using a pen that I dipped in ink. I LOVED the class! I felt so fancy with my new pen... its the little things.

The last class that I took, was a writers class with the one and only Minda Honey! She was funny and very relateable. She gave amazing tips on what companies to pitch, how to pitch them, and knowing  you're own worth. She's a boss babe all on her own, if you're looking for a writing class, I HIGHLY recommend you go see her. Shes's worth every penny plus more. (You can read her column in LEO Weekly, I picked it up last week just to read her!) 

Again, I wanted to respect her process and not publish the goodies you find in her class. Basically, it was everything you needed to know to get your writing on, and make money while doing it. Very informative, inspiring, and a must take if its something you're interested in.

I want to take more classes, but hubs is already figuring out its for my own pleasure instead of *just* for work lol. I'm running out of excuses (Totally kidding... somewhat).

Level Up Louisville was not only fun and informative, it gave me a bit of peace & me time to enjoy the company of other women (all while laughing at ourselves for goofing up as we learn!).

Photography 101 Next Class is: Tuesday September 18th, 2018 @ 6:30 pm
Hand Lettering (Closest to Calligraphy I could find!) Next Class is Thursday Sept 13th @ 6:30 PM

Pitching your Writing with Minda Honey (next class is): Wednesday September 26th 2018 @ 6:30PM

And she has another for Breaking your Writers Block Sept 19 2018 @ 6:30 PM

Find out more on their Instagram:

What do you like to do in Louisville for fun? Any other classes I should check out?