SkynLounge Part 2 : ZenSkyn Makeup Line

Last week, I wrote about my *amazing* experience at SkynLounge. While I was there, I was introduced to their ZenSkyn Makeup line. I figured it was best to write my experience in a separate post so it wasn't so overwhelming!

I was invited by Skyn Lounge, to come and try out a few of their spa services (here in my previous post). After I was done with my facial and LED light therapy, I was treated to a complimentary makeup application (From what I understood, complimentary makeup applications are offered with all facials). I thought it was great that they offer makeup applications. I personally hate going out without makeup, and that's a huge perk for me. How convenient that I can walk in for a facial, get made up, and walk out to my next meeting. Perfect for someone on the go, and pressed for time!

Since I have very sensitive skin, I tend to be more aware of the ingredients in my makeup. Unfortunately for me, some products can be very irritating on my skin. While this is isn't a full review, I was impressed with the line, and thought it may be of interest to those looking for healthier makeup options.


I was sat down by Katie, who was more than happy to walk me through what products they have available. (I loved how informed she was about every product.)


She asked me what I normally applied, and proceeded to place primer, foundation, eyebrow powder, highlighter/bronzer, eyeliner, and a lip gloss.

I tend to have dry/dehydrated skin, so I usually opt for liquid foundations. "Dewy" products always sit better on my skin, and the Tinted Primer I used that day was fantastic! 3 different people complimented me on my skin.

Per their website: 

"Zen SKYN® Color Collection Tinted Primer SPF 20 is a light primer that evens tone and warms your complexion with a subtle radiance while minimizing the appearance of pores and protecting your skin against both UVA and UVB raysIdeal for daily use and post-clinical care skin treatment."

| ZenSkyn Tinted Primer $38 |

Another product that I felt really gave me a glow, was their bronzer duo:

| Mineral Blush Contour $37 |

The product was long lasting, and looked great on my skin! Per their website:

"Zen SKYN®  Mineral Blush/Contour Duo is the perfect duo for a luxurious, satin finish contour. Highlight your cheekbones with a beautiful rose-toned blush, and finish with the contouring power of the bronze power along the jaw line, nose, forehead, and cheeks."

| ZenSkyn Luxury Gloss $24 |

Last, but not least, I really liked the gloss they used. It had a really pretty color & sheen, and it didn't feel sticky like some glosses tend to do.

Per their website:

"ZenSKYN® Luxury Gloss uses a unique blend of oils to help condition and hydrate the lips to prevent lines and wrinkles from appearing.  This lightweight formula provides shine and long lasting hydration while also remaining hypoallergenic and paraben-free.  Our revolutionary gloss incorporates aloe, silica, Argan oil, Castor Seed oil, and Soybean oil for ultimate health and hydration."

I loved all of the products they used! I am a huge supporter of buying local, and I think these would make great gifts for the holidays. Right now they currently have a summer promotion of 50% off select products, using code SUMMER50 (per their site).

For more information about ZenSkyn Products, check out their website!

Thank you to SkynLounge for inviting me to try out your products.

Skyn Lounge: Louisville's Premiere Boutique Spa Pt. 1

Having my kids home for summer vacation, is always bitter sweet. I adore waking up with them in the mornings, lounging around at the park, watching them giggle with content as they run around care free... but the responsibility of keeping kids fed, clean, and ENTERTAINED 24/7 (with no respite) can take a toll on anyone! I feel like everyone deserves some time to themselves. When I was asked to review a spa, I was overjoyed to say the least. My babies would be heading back to school, and I would finally be able to get a little me time.


It's been at least a year since I've had a massage, so the idea of getting a bit of pampering sounded like heaven on earth! Stepping into Skyn Lounge felt *exactly* like that.

Walking in, the first thing you notice is the elegance of the space. Very serene decor, tranquil colors, it felt very inviting. (I've been to horribly busy spas, overtired employees trying to rush you out for their next client. This was not the case here! It was very peaceful, and the women were very attentive.)



I was offered water while I waited to be seen for my appointment.  I filled out a thorough questionnaire, (I suggest coming in at least 10 minutes early, so you have enough time to be thoughtful with your requests/ medical history.) and was promptly seen soon after.



The room I was taken into, had dim lighting, and soft serene music playing in the background. I was told to undress to my comfort level, and was handed a soft wrap. Climbing onto the massage table, and melting into the heated covers felt amazing.  


Katie was very attentive, and walked me through every procedure I had done. She gave me an amazing massage (I personally enjoy someone with a heavy hand, and appreciated that she made sure the pressure was okay.). She cleansed my make up, exfoliated my face, did extractions, and explained everything she was doing very thoroughly.

Towards the end of my facial, she did an LED light therapy (I was excited to try this, especially since I know this is very popular with celebrities!). I've seen this procedure splashed across social media, and I had been very curious to try it out.

Per their website:

"LED red or blue light therapy delivers light energy in a similar way that plant absorbs light energy from the sun. LightStim emits UV-free, beneficial light rays that energize cells and stimulate skin's protein building and cell regeneration."

When I was done with my facial (I had complimentary make up done, coming up on my next post), I was happy to know they did makeup. (I always joke that I carry my face in my cosmetic bag, and its so true! I hate leaving my home without makeup. I loved that they offered that, so I wouldn't feel so naked running around doing my errands.).

My dry skin desperately needed some attention, and I couldn't be more happy with the results! Skyn Lounge gave me an amazing experience, and I can't wait to go back. If you're looking for a little pampering, (or maybe a gift for the Christmas season!), I HIGHLY recommend Skyn Lounge. I've already told my mom about the place, and I foresee a girl's night happening *very* soon.

Thank you Skyn Lounge for having me!

For more information on Skyn Lounge, check out their website! You can find a list of all of their facials and procedures (including waxes). (ask for Katie!)

227 Chenoweth Lane
Louisville, KY 40207
(502) 894-3335

Tues: 9-6
Wed-Fri: 9-5
Sat: 9-4

Barre Code Middletown/Louisville : Elegance Meets Fitness

I don't know about you guys, but every so often I get this rush of energy & motivation to make some changes. I'll make my new to do lists, reorganize my home, purge things that I no longer need, and start modifying my health goals. Every time its a little different, but one thing remains the same. *Staying* consistent with my health goals is hard! Sometimes I have a wedding, or event, that will encourage me to do rapid weight loss. Other times I'll just feel sluggish, and decide maybe its time to modify my diet. Between our move to Middletown (LOVE), and other life changes going on, sometimes life just takes over. I find it harder and harder to get into a "healthy" lifestyle routine. I'm always weary of jogging, because finding other friends who have the time that coordinates with mine, impossible. I don't feel safe doing it alone (its the Chicago girl in me I guess lol.). I hate huge gyms because guys can be creepy, and I feel lost finding my way through the machines without a trainer. First world problems?


Luckily, I was invited to try out something a little different. I almost said no thanks (I wasn't emotionally ready to start fitness planning ha!), but I decided everything happens for a reason, and maybe the universe was telling me in its own way to GET MOVING. Plus, I scared myself a little when I realized I couldn't keep up with my boys energy at the park. Something has to give!

When I read BARRE listed as the place to visit, my first reaction was okay, how hard can this be?

Upon visiting The Barre Code, I realized I had remembered seeing it on my many Subway trips over the fall (hence why I need some exercise, ahem). From the outside walking in, the first thing you notice (aside from the cheerful smiles of everyone in there) is a trendy chandelier hanging in their gorgeous studio.

To the left, you'll see its fully stocked with stylish tank tops. I don't know who their designer is, but these are clothes I wouldn't mind running around in and get errands done. Amazing job on the designs, very trendy and cute.


The next thing I noticed? Their glam bar! (I call it their glam bar, because it literally looks like a glam room.) Its filled with vanities to get made up (I wouldn't have the time to run home and get ready in between exercise and running errands, especially before getting my boys from school. Makes it SO convenient to get ready, and go do my stuff!), along with cute changing rooms.

Walking down the hallway, you see their lockers.


Their workout equipment (everything looks very clean and tidy! So important to me.)

And of course, the positivity quotes. THIS. There's nothing more powerful than surrounding yourself with uplifting pictures, quotes, and things to get you motivated before your workout (and really visualizing it daily).

Entering the studio, I noticed it was clean, simple, and oddly serene. Before our workout, they dimmed the lights, and it felt very ZEN. Is it weird to mix zen and workout together? Amanda Hiner, (The studio owner) conducted her class in such a soothing voice, she pushed you to your own limits (offering modified versions of workouts, thank God), and it was refreshing to find such encouragement, and positive motivation to push you through it. I felt like I was dying (I hadn't worked out since the fall, & it kicked my butt.). By the end of the workout, I felt soooo good. I felt like it gave me a moment to clear my mind, focus on me, and she helped me push myself (and everyone in the class) to do my best.



 Upon speaking with her (a very sweet woman btw), I couldn't help but wonder what her motivation was to open The Barre Code - Middletown location. (I personally love meeting local woman entrepreneurs, and seeing what inspires them. Its neat to hear what a person's passions are, and what moves them.).

She mentioned she had been in Louisville for 15 years, and opened The Barre Code 2 years ago. Fitness has always been a huge part of her life, and the inspiration behind The Barre Code was the program, and the sense of strong community. In her opinion, The Barre Code separates themselves from others because of "The experience we create in our classes! You have a class with more then just a physical workout! We also offer more than just Barre; we have HIIT, Bootcamp Dance & Kickboxing".

She went on to mention, "All fitness levels are welcome. Modifications are given during a class so that you can tailor your workout for your body. Everybody leaves feeling successful!"

I also asked, do you have any advice for anyone struggling to get fit?

"Take it one step at a time. Enjoy the journey, and make lifestyle changes to reach your goals. Make sure it fits with your life!"

When asked if there was anything she would like someone considering her Barre classes to know?

"Anybody can do it!"

And I can attest to that :-) It was a great experience, and I can't wait to go back. Thank you to The Barre Code for having me, it was a pleasure.

Check them out!

The Barre Code
12442 Shelbyville Rd.
Louisville, Ky. 40243

Follow them on:


Fall Recipe Round up.

I thought it would be fun to try out some new fall foods/diy! Seems like fall is just zipping by...

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What are some new recipes you're trying out this year?