Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council - End of year celebration!

I received an invitation from the lovely Bella of Louisville & her social media coordinator (Ashlea Spears) of Bella Vita Media, to attend the "End of year celebration for the LYPC". If you haven't checked out her blog, I *highly* recommend you do. She's a beautiful person inside and out, I really enjoy reading her inspirational posts on Instagram.

The celebration took place at the Muhammad Ali Center, located in downtown Louisville. Its not very often I venture downtown, but I love it!

The beginning of the banquet, we were all invited to go the buffet for dinner. I of course indulged, ha! I enjoyed my evening with a very sweet group of women.


During the banquet (hosted by WDRB News Anchor Sterling Riggs, btw, such a nice guy!) we heard inspirational stories from young adults benefiting from the Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council.


Per their website:

The LYPC gives teenagers the opportunity to learn how to run a non-profit philanthropic foundation- and then helps them to put what they learn into practice by making grants of $5,000 in the Louisville, Kentucky area.

Two LYPC teams granted $20,000(!!!) to non-profit organizations selected by the 30 high school students in this year's class. The beautiful student-led presentations awarded the organizations receiving grant funds, and also shared personal stories from their own LYPC experience. These stories were so inspirational. It was such an honor to be in the same room with such amazing young men and women who I *know* will be the future of Louisville.

At the end of the evening, we were asked to look into a little envelope. The 3 winners who received a golden ticket, could choose a non-profit organization of their choice, to receive a donation made under their names.

I was a winner. I chose FEAT of Louisville.

I'm so grateful that a program like LYPC exists. There is nothing more uplifting, than to know these young adults will take everything they've learned, and go out into the world to do good. Thank you LYPC for all that you've done, and continue to do.

If you're interested in donating to this amazing organization, (and make a positive difference in our community!) you can go to www.lypc.org

Thank you LYPC, and Bella Vita Media for inviting me to join you in celebrating. I left the dinner very uplifted, and I can't wait to see what positive influence you will have on Louisville, and these young adults' futures!

For more information:

Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council

Do you know Louisville's Most Eligible Bachelor? Celebrating National MS Week!

Last year I was invited to a fun event for the National MS Society. A night full of fun, drinks, food, and guys strutting their stuff for a charitable cause!


Summer is right around the corner, and they are preparing for their next event. The Kentucky/Southeast Indiana Chapter of the National MS Society is searching for Louisville's Most Eligible Bachelor! The top 10 Nominees are invited to strut their stuff on the runway for Mister's for MS. The second annual event will be held July 26 at The Gramercy.

National MS week is March 12, and this is when the official contest launches!

The nomination process: After a gentleman is nominated, they are asked to fund-raise for the MS Society. Those who raise most money will be named the 10 Most Eligible Bachelors and will be invited to walk the runway at Misters for MS.

Interested in nominating a bachelor? Send his name, email, and phone to Misters for MS Chairperson Jessica Tretter- jessica.tretter@LPL.com or 502-387-7123.

So, the Bachelors themselves are *not* auctioned off. They will be presenting the 10 live auction items.

For example, "Here's Bachelor #3, Bob. You'll see that Bob is holding a beautiful necklace from XX jewelers." The necklace is up for bid (NOT bob!). However, Bob is invited to strut his stuff, have fun, and collect as many names and numbers as he wants! (Fun!)

If you know someone special, I encourage you to to nominate a bachelor, and help this amazing cause!

What are your favorite Charity events?

Best Autism Friendly Businesses (and products!) in Louisville for 2017 Part 1.

Every time I get together with other mom's with special needs children, the one topic that always comes up, are recommendations for our kids. New places, new therapies, its always a subject that never gets old. I decided to round our favorite places for 2017!

None of these companies listed below were aware of my post, nor was I compensated for this page. As always, these suggestions are my 100% honest opinion. If you believe other local companies deserve a shout out, feel free to let me know! I'd be happy to make a continuous list of suggestions to help other parents in Louisville.

Best Grocery: Walmart
I know... I know... of all of the specialty, beautiful organic stores... WALMART? Just hear me out! I think any mom knows the difficulties of taking little ones to the grocery store. Sometimes the noises, and chaos of a busy place can be extremely overwhelming for a child with special needs. When kids grow out of the seat in the metal carts, it makes it difficult to walk around and do your shopping... But Walmart has these awesome carts you can ask for, where even bigger kids can sit while you push them around! My 11 year old still sits comfortably in the plastic seat while I do my grocery shopping. I don't have to worry about him wandering off while I inspect fruits I'm bagging :-) (Sometimes efficiency outweighs aesthetics, and this moment is one of them! I don't know what I would do without those carts.)

Best Kids Gym: Sky Zone
My son LOVES Sky zone. Sky zone is a trampoline park located in the East End. During our occupational therapy sessions, we've learned that my son feels SO much better after doing "crashing" exercises. It calms and centers him when he's stimming, or overstimulated. The trampoline park is clean, friendly, and even has an area to snack after you're done with your jumping!

Best Pool: Home of the Innocents.
I couldn't believe the hidden gem this is! Home of the innocence offers discounted private swimming lesson rates through FEAT of Louisville. They also offer swim therapy sessions (their administration and staff are SO friendly and sweet). Aside from the friendly faces we have met, we LOVED their salt water indoor HEATED pool. I secretly wish I could've snuck in for a swim.

Best Pediatrician: Dr. Laura White/Future Hope Pediatrics.
I literally went though SEVEN pediatricians (possibly more? I've lost count) before we landed here. Dr. Laura White is a very very sweet woman, and is very understanding of our needs. I personally prefer minimal use of antibiotics and medicines whenever possible, and she's very supportive! I feel like she really listens to any concerns I have, and all of her staff is very kind. I've actually written a post about her here, a wonderful cause very close to her heart.

Best Dental Location: Solstice Dentistry
This is a new one, but still best of 2017! Solstice Dentistry has an awesome transition plan, to help ease the anxiety of the dentist. I've written a couple posts about Dr. Manning, and her wonderful practice here. She's very sweet, and extremely understanding of transitioning due to special sensory needs. I HIGHLY recommend her practice. She's officially an Autism Friendly certified business in Louisville per FEAT of Louisville! Congrats.

Best Skin Care: Lush Cosmetics
Bath time can be a fun experience, but sometimes it can be an overwhelming experience with kiddos who have sensory disorders (very common with children on the spectrum). Lush cosmetics carry these amazing bath bombs (full of color and bubbles!) that turn a scary bath, into a fun sensory experience. My son suffers from eczema (also oddly a symptom that is common with Autism), and the natural ingredients in Lush products have been very soothing!

Where are your favorite places for your kiddos in Louisville?

Solstice Dental & Aesthetics: A more natural approach to dentistry.

As you may have already read in my previous post, I visited a new Dentist location. Aside from being blown away by her procedures pertaining to special needs patients (blown away doesn't even begin to describe it), I was also intrigued by some other awesome (and innovative) details in her office. When I say awesome, I truly mean I was in awe.

My personal awareness of radiation exposure, metals & chemicals that are considered unhealthy etc., came along with the diagnosis of my son's Autism, as well as my grandmother's diagnosis of cancer. In my experience, dealing with these illnesses opened the flood doors to questions: Why did this happen? How do we heal? While I may never know the answers to these in particular, one thing remained the same: Prevention.

If we know exposure to certain chemicals and radiation could harm us, what could we do to avoid it, or lessen the affects if at all possible? These are questions I have had for Dr.'s in the past. Unfortunately, my concerns were never validated, and I was treated as if I were "over reacting" for asking if the radiation from too many ultrasounds could hurt my unborn child. (FYI new moms, if a Dr. scoffs at you because they think your question is insignificant... don't walk, RUN. If you can't trust them to have a real, open conversation about procedures (and their effects), they don't deserve to be trusted during your most vulnerable moments, you deserve a Dr. who can be honest and open. I promise you they exist!).

This is where Dr. Manning comes in. When I listened to Dr. Manning explain the equipment (and decor) she personally hand selected for her office.. again, amazed. THE DETAILS and THOUGHT that went into everything! Her personal touch is everywhere, and the extent she went to be environmentally friendly, even makes me question my own personal footprint!

First, let's discuss the radiation. X-rays are vital to our health, dental health is especially reliant on x-rays...

At Solstice, Dr. Manning selected a device called the Nomad. 

When you go to the dentist, you usually have to stand up, clamp your teeth on an uncomfortable machine, and wait for the pictures to be taken. Have you ever tried doing that with a little child? Not fun! Here at Solstice, they use The Nomad (a hand held digital x-ray, lower radiation device), as you sit comfortably as they take your x-rays. Not only is it convenient for little ones &/or patients with special needs, you also have LESS radiation exposure. Genius. Alongside this amazing device, they also use *Lead Free* Patient Aprons. Lead. Free.

According to Dr. Manning:

These lead free aprons, are as effective as lead aprons for protecting patients from x-ray scatter, but without the environmental impact of lead manufacturing or risk of lead exposure to the patient. They're also lighter and more comfortable than traditional lead aprons.

When you walk in, the first thing you notice are the *gorgeous* counter tops (specifically selected because they are) made of beautiful recycled glass. This elegant space is also decorated with live plants, which she selected for their air purification qualities. When I asked about the construction of her office, I loved how much effort and thought she put into caring for the environment:

During construction, we used Low-VOC paints and adhesives limiting the use of unnecessary disposables. We installed LEED-certified dental cabinetry, along with LED lighting.

I find that very admirable, that she cares about the environment. So much so, that she has a special system in place for disposing metals from her office.

We use BPA, Metal, & Mercury-Free fillings and restorations. Even though we don't place mercury fillings in our office, there are cases where we will need to remove them from a patient's mouth. In these instances, it is my belief that they should be disposed of responsibly. We have a piece of equipment called an amalgam separator, which collects the mercury-containing materials, so they are not able to return to the water supply. For a practice as small as ours that does not place mercury fillings, this piece of equipment is not required by law. However, we feel it's important to consider the environmental impact of any amount of mercury finding its way into our water supply and to prevent that from happening.

Along with their procedures for collecting mercury-containing materials, they also use a special water-less vacuum to remove water from their patients mouths.

Our office has a waterless vacuum system called a Mojave DryVac. Traditional vacuum systems require a large flow of water to create the suction needed to perform dentistry. In fact, the average dental office uses 200,000 gallons of water per year to generate the suction required. That is the equivalent of filling one Olympic-sized swimming pool each month just to remove spit and water from patients' mouths. The waterless system in our office uses no water or oil and has a variable motor that adjusts depending upon suction usage to save energy as well.

She even goes as far as to use digital impressions, radio-graphs and paperless charting in order to decrease waste.

When I say Dr. Manning is raising the bar for practices in Louisville, I should have said she's raising the bar for all of us. Excuse me while I go collect plastic bottles to recycle.

Check out Solstice Dental & Aesthetics!

Solstice Dentistry & Aesthetics
2301 Terra Crossing Blvd.
Louisville, Ky. 40245


A Toast to Oxmoor Estate: Limited Tickets Now Available

'Tis the season for finding the perfect gift, and what better gift than tickets to a *premier* event for Derby Season! Oxmoor Estate & Gardens, is offering a limited amount of tickets (at a special discounted rate), available now for purchase.

(Photo Credit: Oxmoor Estate)

Per their press release:
A true southern affair including a celebrity chef and leading winemakers & winery owners from the west coast will be the new “must-attend” event of the Kentucky Derby Season. Set for May 1 & 2, the inaugural A Toast to Oxmoor Estate will raise funds for the restoration and preservation of this national historic property (pictured). With an emphasis on hospitality, fine food and spectacular wine, this signature event for Oxmoor Estate will host an intimate number of 300 guests.

Why this is timely – A limited stock of 40 pairs of tickets (15 pairs of VIP tickets and 25 General Admission pairs) to the May 1st A Toast of Oxmoor Estate will be released at special rates for holiday gifting. The reduced rates will only be available for the tickets purchased and picked up in December.

          VIP tickets offered at $500 ($600 value) for a pair. Only 15 pairs will be sold at the special holiday rate.
         General Admission tickets offered at $250 ($300 value). Only 25 pairs will be sold at the special rate.  
How to purchase – To purchase and reserve tickets for pick-up, please e-mail Shirley Harmon, estate director: toastoxmoor@gmail.com or call 502.640.4138.

Ticket pick-up arrangementsThe holiday-boxed offering will be available for pick up at the beautiful Oxmoor Estate Saturday, December 9 and Tuesday, December 12 from noon -2 p.m. Patrons will be welcomed and offered sparkling wine, hot chocolate and sweet treats.

Adding to the holiday shopping experience, A Toast of Oxmoor Estate Committee Chair Michelle Mandro’s recently released lifestyle book (pictured), Wine Country Women of Napa Valley will be available on-site during the pick-up events. Mandro adds, “It’s the perfect holiday gift for any wine enthusiast, foodie or female professional on your gift list! To further support the Friends of Oxmoor Fund, $10 from each book sold will be donated.” Mandro will be present to autograph or personalize any copies, which will be available for $55

About A Toast to Oxmoor Estate – Mandro is combining her passion as an epicurean and her pride and love of all things southern to create this event which doesn’t currently exist in Louisville.  Together with her committee she hopes to help preserve and restore the beautiful Oxmoor Estate, “It’s plantations like these which help make the south such a special place.”

          A Toast to Oxmoor Estate, Tuesday, May 1, 5-9 p.m. This signature event of no more than 300 guests will feature a celebrity chef and a hand-selected group of west coast winery owners and winemakers. A VIP ticket offering available to 100 patrons will offer the chance to attend a private reception with the featured chef and winery participants. Mandro explains, “These guests will be the first to enjoy the main event and will be provided an exclusive opportunity to purchase the wines being featured during the night. They will also have a chance to linger in the private library lounge and enjoy specialty cocktails before departing with their premium swag bags.” Noted local designer Ron Wolz will design the look of A Toast to Oxmoor Estate.

          Garden Luncheon at Oxmoor Estate, Wednesday, May 2, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. This intimate luncheon for 75 guests will feature a menu of southern dishes and fresh ingredients from the gardens on the Estate. A local chef will prepare the multi-course fare and each table will be hosted by a west-coast winery owner or winemaker who will share their wines with the table. Local designer Marvin Dyer III from Dwellings will be the Garden Luncheon designer.
About Oxmoor Estate & Gardens - Oxmoor Estate was home to the Bullitt family from 1787 through 2005. The home, gardens and 16 outbuildings are unique and worthy of preservation. The goal of this event is to showcase the home and gardens while raising funds for restoration and preservation of this property, which is on the national register of historic places.

This sounds like a fun gift to give (and receive). Events for derby sell out quickly!

Solstice Dental & Aesthetics: Louisville, Ky. (Sensory Friendly Dentistry).

Earlier this month, I was invited to come check out Solstice Dental & Aesthetics. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to integrate a dental place on my blog, but I was told I would probably find a special reason to fall in love with it, and boy was she right!

Being a caregiver to a loved one comes with challenges all on its own. Being a caregiver to a loved one with special needs... magnifies that by 100... times 100 more. I think one of my biggest worries when my sons were little, had to be when they were sick. When you have a little one sick in the middle of the night, you *wish* they could tell you what was wrong. What hurts? What's bothering you? You're grateful for the day they can vocalize what's wrong, so you can figure out how to help them. When you have a child with special needs, sometimes that day unfortunately doesn't come. Or maybe it does, but your communication and guessing games have to be manipulated a little differently.

My oldest son was diagnosed with Autism, sensory disorder, developmental delay, & speech disorder at the age of 2.5. Communication between us has come *so* far, but little things can easily cause anxiety, and doctor visits can play a huge role in that. Sometimes Dr's, with little to no experience with special needs children, don't understand that the cold stethoscope can cause pain with children with a sensory disorder. Loud noises, bright lights, odd sounds just overload their systems, making it difficult for everyone involved. A bad experience can be very traumatizing, and unfortunately, sometimes laying a foundation for future negative experiences with Dr's.

Walking into Solstice Dental, it doesn't even feel like I'm at the Dentist. It's very welcoming and beautifully decorated. Copper fixtures, and imported textiles makes it seem warm and inviting.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Dr. Manning (owner and founder of Solstice Dental) had done all of her research, and had her own desensitization protocol meant specifically for people on the Autism Spectrum. With the assistance of a behavioral therapist, they came up with their own unique way to help ease patients into her office.

First they start you off with a pre-introduction: They give you their own clinic specific social story (blown away by this!!) that you can read daily to your child before their first appointment (and you can call to explain any aversions or preferences the patient has before their first appointment.). We personally use social stories in our home to help ease into a new routine. I've never heard of a Dr. offering this!

Next: You have the first visit: Pairing Appointment.
Goal here is for the Dr. to get to know the patient, and whether he/she is a good candidate for desensitization. Treatment may or may not happen, its all depending on if our child feels comfortable. (So important for kids to ease into treatments, less anxiety and less traumatizing).

Then: Subsequent Visits.
If its possible, they will schedule the visits once a week, same day, same time, to establish a routine (Personally, routine is so important in our home. This is amazing to me that they do this.).

Lastly, they recommend Bi-Monthly consult visits to keep the patient familiar with their office. If this is in their routine, dental visits become a norm for kids, less anxiety and less stress for everyone!

There's so much more I'd love to share about Solstice Dental, but that will be in upcoming posts. If you are a parent, or caregiver, of someone on the spectrum, I highly recommend you come and see Solstice for yourself. Dr. Manning is amazing, I wish more doctors offered this to their patients. A practice like this would have saved us a lot of anxious visits had one existed when my son was littler.

Dr. Manning is raising the bar, and I applaud her for offering this service. I know this is something very needed in the Autism Community, and how lucky this is now an option for those in need!

Visit Solstice Dentistry & Aesthetics:

Solstice Dentistry & Aesthetics
2301 Terra Crossing Blvd.
Louisville, Ky. 40245


Do you know of any other Autism friendly practices in Louisville?

Rosaura Serna De Jaime; of Garden Prairie, Illinois. January 7th 1941 - September 27th 2017

 Desplácese hacia abajo para la traducción al español

Editors Note: On September 27th, 2017, my beloved grandmother, Rosaura Serna De Jaime, passed away quietly in her daughter's home (Beatriz Galvan) in Rockford, Illinois. When my grandmother passed away, I was very unsure of if (or when) I would write anything online. My grandmother was a very private person, and was not one to pour her personal life on the internet. I want to give her the respect she deserved, and write everything with a clear, and dignified manner. This is for you Vita.

(My grandmother and my hands together, taken with permission last summer. )


 When you look up the word Love in the dictionary, this is the definition you'll find:

1       a (1) : strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties
         * maternal love for a child 
         b : an assurance of affection 
2       :  warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion.

Above the definition in the dictionary, I'm positive you'll find the picture of my grandmother rested above it. If I could choose only one single word to describe my grandmother, Love would be it. 

My grandmother was one of the most (if not the most) selfless, beautiful woman I have ever had the blessing to meet. I believe when my great-grandmother named her Rosaura, she could not have chosen a more perfect name for her. My grandfather lovingly called her Rose (In Spanish, Rosa is short for Rosaura, meaning Rose). When I think of a rose, I picture it as a symbol of love, purity & devotion. These are all of the things my grandmother entailed.

Roses, while beautiful and delicate, have thorns built in that protect them, unlike some of the other more fragile species. That's exactly how I picture my grandmother, a beautiful graceful being, but a mother and wife that always protected her children and husband. My grandmother was the strongest woman I knew.

When you were in the presence of my grandmother, it was like this warm hug of beautiful energy. The gift of her love, affection, grace, and magic is unlike anything I could ever compare it to. The beauty of her being, was a gift to anyone around her. and I am proud and lucky to say I was blessed to have had her in my life.

Words cannot describe how much gratitude I have for my grandmother.

Because of her, I know what unconditional love is.
Because of her, I have an example of what the perfect wife and mother should
Because of her, I am able to give my children a better life.
Because of her, I understand when to be selfless.
Because of her, I have strength.
Because of her, I love.
Because of her, I am.

When I say my grandmother was selfless, that would be the biggest understatement of the century. Her devotion and love for all of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, would be enough to put any saint to shame. She was the epitome of selflessness.

When I close my eyes, and picture my grandmother, I envision her in her old apartment, kneading the dough for warm tortillas, and the scent of the sizzling lard from the hot comal filling the air. I also envision my grandfather, sitting right besides her in the kitchen, opening up nuts and offering them to my giggling cousins as they scurried by. Whenever I stepped foot into their home, love is the only thing I felt.

My grandmother will always have a special place in my heart. Not a day goes by that she doesn't cross my mind, and my home will always continue to carry her traditions, and love of her family.

When my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, it was very difficult. Being far away, and knowing that she was going through this, was hard on all of my immediate family. The only thing that gave me personal peace of mind, was knowing that my Aunt (Tia) Beatriz was by her side. She unselfishly put her life on hold, left her job, and moved in with my grandmother to make sure that she was well taken care of. She was the best advocate for her. Because of her love, selflessness, and willingness to keep me updated on her condition, I knew that she was getting the best care possible. She was just as much my personal strength, as she was a guardian and caregiver of my grandmother. From the bottom of my heart Tia, I thank you. I know Vita and Vito are grateful of everything you and your family did to make sure she was okay.

Vita, I love you, and miss both you and Vito with all of my heart.<3



Nota del editor: El 27 de septiembre de 2017, mi querida abuelita, Rosaura Serna De Jaime, falleció tranquilamente en la casa de su hija (Beatriz Galvan) en Rockford, Illinois. Cuando mi abuelita falleció, no estaba muy segura de sí (o cuándo) escribiría algo en línea. Mi abuelita era una persona muy privada, y no era de los que le servían en su vida personal en Internet. Quiero darle el respeto que le merecía, y escribir todo de una manera clara y digna. Esto es para usted Vita.

(Mi abuelita y mis manos juntas, tomadas con permiso el verano pasado).

Cuando busca la palabra Amor en el diccionario, esta es la definición que encontraras:

1 a (1): fuerte afecto por otro que surge de lazos de parentesco o personales
* amor maternal por un niño
b: una garantía de afecto
2: apego cálido, entusiasmo o devoción.

Sobre la definición en el diccionario, estoy segura de que encontrarás la imagen de mi abuelita descansando sobre ella. Si pudiera elegir una sola palabra para describir a mi abuelita, Amor sería.

Mi abuelita fue una de las mujeres bellas que tuvo la bendición de conocer. Creo que cuando mi bisabuelita la llamó Rosaura, no podría haber elegido un nombre más perfecto para ella. Mi abuelito cariñosamente la llamó "Rose" (en español, Rosa es la abreviación de Rosaura, que significa Rosa). Cuando pienso en una hermosa rosa, la veo como un símbolo de amor, pureza y devoción. Estas son todas las cosas que mi abuelita conllevó.

Las rosas, aunque bellas y delicadas, tienen espinas incorporadas que las protegen, una diferencia de algunas de las otras especies más frágiles. Así es como yo imagino mi abuelita, un ser hermoso y elegante, pero una madre y una esposa que siempre protegio a sus hijos y su esposo. Mi abuelita era la mujer más fuerte que conocía.

Cuando estabas en presencia de mi abuelita, era como este cálido abrazo de hermosa energía. El regalo de su amor, afecto, gracia y magia es diferente a cualquier cosa con la que pueda comparelo. La belleza de su ser un regalo para cualquiera a su alrededor. y estoy orgullosa y afortunada de decir que tuve la suerte de haber tenido en mi vida.

Las palabras no pueden expresar mucho agradecimiento tengo para mi abuelita.

Gracias a ella, sé lo que es el amor incondicional.
Gracias a ella, tengo un ejemplo de lo que hablo haciendo la esposa y la madre perfectas
Gracias a ella, puedo darle a mis hijos una vida mejor.
Gracias a ella, entiendo cuándo ser desinteresada.
Gracias a ella, tengo fuerza.
Por ella, me encanta.
Por ella, yo soy.

Cuando digo que mi abuelita era desinteresada, esa era la mayor subestimación del siglo. Su devoción y amor por todos sus hijos, nietos y bisnietos sería suficiente para avergonzar a cualquier santo. Ella era el epítome de la generosidad.

Cuando cierro los ojos y me imagino mi abuelita, la imaginación en su antiguo apartamento, amasando la masa para tortillas calientes, y el aroma de la manteca chisporroteante del caliente que llena el aire. También imagino a mi abuelito, sentado justo al lado de ella en la cocina, abriéndose nueces y ofreciendo los a mis primos que sé ríen mientras corren. Cada vez que puse un pie en su casa, el amor es lo único que sentí.

Mi abuelita siempre tendrá un lugar especial en mi corazón. No pasa un solo día, que ella no pase por mi mente, y mi hogar siempre sigue transmitiendo sus tradiciones y el amor a su familia.

Cuando mi abuelita fue diagnosticada con cáncer, fue muy difícil. Estar muy lejos, y saber que estaba pasando por esto, fue difícil para toda mi familia inmediata. Lo único que me dio tranquilidad personal fue saber que mi tía (Tía) Beatriz estaba a su lado. Ella desinteresadamente puso su vida en espera, dejó su trabajo y se mudó con mi abuelita para asegurarse de que estaba bien cuidada. Ella era la mejor defensora para ella. Debido a su amor, desinterés y voluntad de mantenerme actualizado sobre su condición, sabía que estaba recibiendo la mejor atención posible. Ella era mi fuerza personal, ya que era guardiana y cuidadora de mi abuelita. Desde el fondo de mi corazón, Tia, te la agradezco. Sé que Vita y Vito están agradecidos por todo lo que hicieron usted y su familia para asegurarse de que ella estaba bien.

Vita, la quiero mucho, y extraño a usted, y a Vito con todo mi corazón. <3