Bourbon Beauty: Red Carpet Ready for the Derby Eve Gala

Derby is 18 days away. 18 DAYS AWAY... I'm both excited, and just a tiny bit nervous... Excited for the fun, but nervous because I want to make sure everything looks perfect! I'm especially excited for the Derby Eve Gala coming up.

With only 3 weeks left, I thought it would be fun to share my count down of things to do leading up to a Red Carpet event!

3 weeks before derby:

#1: Outfit.
I feel it's super important to have my dress and accessories put together, ready to go. I like to have this prepared, so that I know what kind of makeup and what nail look I'll be going for. Waiting until the last minute for a dress is such a pain! I'd suggest having it ready at LEAST 3 weeks in advance.

  • Dress (dry cleaned) and ready to go. (If you don't have one picked out, check out my post using a Macy's My stylist!)
  • Heels (cleaned)/ foot protectors/extra pair of foldable flats (LIFE savers after a long night of dancing)
  • Undergarments (Spanx, strapless bra?, Lingerie)
  • Jewelry (chosen, steam cleaned and buffed)
  • Coordinating Accessories.

#2 Body.

3 weeks in advance, I really like to go to town getting my skin prepped. I amp up my water intake/ green tea to help with bloat, and I start exfoliating. Sloughing off dead skin now, will allow for beautiful glowing skin during a big event. There are several ways to do this, but my favorite way is to just purchase a simple sugar scrub (I really enjoy Trader Joes Ginger Grapefruit), and scrub in the shower at least 3x a week. I remove all nail polish, trim my nails, pumice my heels, and MOISTURIZE (My go to at the moment, is Lush Charity Pot)!! (Especially if you plan on sunless tanning. No one wants streaking tans before a big event.) 

#3 Face.

During this time, I also exfoliate my face 3x a week, (I love Lush fresh face products for this!) I also do Korean sheets masks after exfoliating (Tony Moly has a great snail mask I adore), and sleep in my favorite sleep pack as well as my lip mask. (Currently I'm LOVING Laniege Lip Mask, and Tony Moly banana balm).

#4 Makeup. 

This is the time I purchase any makeup I plan on using for the event, so it gives me ample time to play with it to perfect my look! If I plan on tanning, I get my foundation a bit darker than what I normally use. 

My Personal Glam list:
  • Sheet Mask (LOVE using one prior to putting on my makeup. Your face glows!)
  • Moisturizer (Makeup application looks so much better on hydrated skin. (Lush Celestial & Tatcha Water lotion is amazing for dry skin.)
  • Primer (I love NYX Honey Dew Primer)
  • Face Mist (I learned this trick from on of my favorite K Beauty Authors. Mist your face before foundation application, application looks better with hydrated skin).
  • Foundation ( I use Too Faced Born This Way)
  • Concealer (Tarte Shape Tape)
  • Eyebrow Pencil/powder (Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz)
  • Mascara (NYX)
  • Eye Liner 
  • Eye Shadows (Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam)
  • Lip Liner
  • Lip Stick/Gloss
  • Blush
  • Contour Powder (Hoola By Benefit)
  • Highlighter Powder (Carli Bybel)
  • Setting Spray (Tatcha)
Once I have my makeup look and products picked out, I like to play with the application before hand so I know exactly what look I'm going for.

#4. Hair.

While I wouldn't suggest changing my look this close to a major event (Kudos to the brave souls that do haha!), Its a good time to get a trim if need be (my hair won't feel so blunt 3 weeks away). I also like to start deep conditioning treatments! I do this about 1x a week. I slather a deep conditioner on my ends of my hair, pull it up, and rinse out after 30 minutes. Rinsing with cold water helps to add shine!

#4. Confirm Appointments!

If I chose to go with a hair stylist, I'd book my hair stylist appointment, as well as manicure appointment, waxing appointment, tanning appointment, etc. Personally, this time around, I'll be doing my own hair and makeup, as well as tanning. I did, however, make my appointment to cut my split ends, and get my nails done. This would also be a great time to purchase any teeth whitening products (I think I'll start next week) or making your appointment to get that done if need be!

What do you do to prepare for an event?

There's still time to purchase tickets for the Derby Eve Gala! Let's have fun, and party with a purpose!

La Casita 
223 E. Magnolia Ave.
Louisville, Ky. 40208

Tickets are $75 and can be purchased at 

Let's Help Stop Trafficking! 

Derby Eve Gala
5.4.18 @ 6pm

Bourbon Beauty: Derby Eve Gala Event May 4 @ 6pm

I am both humbled, and honored, to be invited to an event supporting a *very* important cause. May 4th @ 6pm, there will be a Gala to benefit survivors of Human Trafficking @ 

La Casita 
223 E. Magnolia Ave.
Louisville, Ky. 40208

Per their Website:

Let's party to end human trafficking! Human trafficking is modern day slavery that exploits people for labor and sex.
Stop Traffic is a Gala to benefit survivors of Human Trafficking hosted by B96.5’s Juan Hustle Featuring DJ Joe Dubb. Tickets are $75 and can be purchased at  *This is a volunteer lead event, the proceeds of which will benefit Catholic Charities of Louisville

Come party for a cause! There will be Dancing, Food, Music, & a Photography exhibit.

What parties are you most looking forward to for derby? This is top on my list!

Bourbon Beauty: Kentucky Derby Festival Ready! My Stylist @ Macy's

The Kentucky Derby is right around the corner (seems like time just flies, doesn't it?!?). The Kentucky Derby Festival has tons of events preceding it, and the Macy's Spring Fashion show is just one of many! (for more information on upcoming events, click here) Macy's reached out and kindly invited me not only to their Kentucky Derby Festival Spring Fashion Show, but to try out their My Stylist @ Macy's. I was excited!

 (Macy's Oxmoor Mall | Louisville, Ky.)

My Stylist @ Macy's is a free personal shopping service. They help you find the perfect outfit (Men & Women), home furnishings, and gift items you're looking for. It was so fun and easy to do! I didn't know this existed, but I will definitely use them again in the future (The ease and time saving!). I think this would be perfect for Derby, or maybe even a future wedding or special event?

(If you're going to Oxmoor Mall (Louisville, Ky), its located on the first floor, towards the back.).

It's so easy to book a session with My Stylist, you can do it online @ macy', by phone 800-343-0121, or in person by walking into the store office. (Since they reached out to me, I just gave them my dress size, and they pulled clothing out for all of the bloggers that were participating in the event.) You just mention what you're in need of, and voila! Help is just a quick click/call/chat away.

Terri, Brittany, and the whole team were so friendly! (Some of them traveled from Chicago, it was funny to talk to other people from my hometown. Small world.) I loved their clothing suggestions, it was super easy and quick to decide on the dress I wanted. (Thank you so much for the help and suggestions.)

 (Their Spring 2018 line is GORGEOUS!) I loved everything, especially the pink.

(Amazing selection on accessories, from fascinators to earrings.)

I love love LOVE the beautiful color of this dress I selected (thank you Macy's!), I think I'm going to pair it with the nude guess heels pictured above on my wardrobe rack. ( I prefer nude colored shoes since it elongates the legs.)

As a personal preference, I prefer jewelry pieces that are dainty (and classic) with a structured dress. I feel dainty pieces compliment it, without being overwhelming. I loved this pretty Rose Gold Cuff I chose (they gifted me) by INC.

These earrings also caught my eye! Since the dress isn't low cut, I probably wouldn't wear a necklace... *but* (for the sake of my mom judging me for not using one haha, she always insists on necklaces) if I had to choose one, I'd probably pair it with a beautiful pearl necklace, or a thin short chained silver one.

If you're looking for help getting styled for an event, purchase a gift, or ideas for your home, I highly recommend getting in touch with your local My Stylist @ Macy's. It takes the guess work out of what to buy, there's no pressure to purchase, and its completely free. Derby season means lots of outfits for parties, hostess gifts, and finding the perfect housewares for entertaining. This is a service I would definitely take advantage of.

Thank you Macy's for the opportunity to see your new spring line, and my new outfit. I can't wait to use it for an upcoming event. Your whole team was so friendly! I'm excited to use the dress for opening night at Churchill Downs.

For more information on My Stylist @ Macy's, their button will remain on my side bar until Derby :-) I've also created a Macy's Derby "Story" on my Instagram account, that shows clips of their spring line if you're interested!


What are you most excited for this Derby Season?

My Stylist Online @ Macys:
My Stylist Phone @ Macys:  800-343-0121

Bourbon Beauty | Quote: Be Kind.

It costs nothing to be kind... and humble...

Bourbon Beauty: Mom's Closet - Resource Center Open House


I am *so* happy to announce, that Mom's Closet is at a new location! On Tuesday, March 27th (4:00 PM- 7:00 PM), they will offer appetizers, desserts, wine and Door Prizes (lots of fun). Mom's Closet is a wonderful organization, that focuses on offering resources to single moms in need.

Their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony it at 4:30 PM. Everyone is welcome! Bring a friend you'd like to introduce to Mom's Closet.

For more information: Check out their website :-)


Bourbon Beauty: Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council - End of year celebration!

I received an invitation from the lovely Bella of Louisville & her social media coordinator (Ashlea Spears) of Bella Vita Media, to attend the "End of year celebration for the LYPC". If you haven't checked out her blog, I *highly* recommend you do. She's a beautiful person inside and out, I really enjoy reading her inspirational posts on Instagram.

The celebration took place at the Muhammad Ali Center, located in downtown Louisville. Its not very often I venture downtown, but I love it!

The beginning of the banquet, we were all invited to go the buffet for dinner. I of course indulged, ha! I enjoyed my evening with a very sweet group of women.


During the banquet (hosted by WDRB News Anchor Sterling Riggs, btw, such a nice guy!) we heard inspirational stories from young adults benefiting from the Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council.


Per their website:

The LYPC gives teenagers the opportunity to learn how to run a non-profit philanthropic foundation- and then helps them to put what they learn into practice by making grants of $5,000 in the Louisville, Kentucky area.

Two LYPC teams granted $20,000(!!!) to non-profit organizations selected by the 30 high school students in this year's class. The beautiful student-led presentations awarded the organizations receiving grant funds, and also shared personal stories from their own LYPC experience. These stories were so inspirational. It was such an honor to be in the same room with such amazing young men and women who I *know* will be the future of Louisville.

At the end of the evening, we were asked to look into a little envelope. The 3 winners who received a golden ticket, could choose a non-profit organization of their choice, to receive a donation made under their names.

I was a winner. I chose FEAT of Louisville.

I'm so grateful that a program like LYPC exists. There is nothing more uplifting, than to know these young adults will take everything they've learned, and go out into the world to do good. Thank you LYPC for all that you've done, and continue to do.

If you're interested in donating to this amazing organization, (and make a positive difference in our community!) you can go to

Thank you LYPC, and Bella Vita Media for inviting me to join you in celebrating. I left the dinner very uplifted, and I can't wait to see what positive influence you will have on Louisville, and these young adults' futures!

For more information:

Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council

Bourbon Beauty: Do you know Louisville's Most Eligible Bachelor? Celebrating National MS Week!

Last year I was invited to a fun event for the National MS Society. A night full of fun, drinks, food, and guys strutting their stuff for a charitable cause!


Summer is right around the corner, and they are preparing for their next event. The Kentucky/Southeast Indiana Chapter of the National MS Society is searching for Louisville's Most Eligible Bachelor! The top 10 Nominees are invited to strut their stuff on the runway for Mister's for MS. The second annual event will be held July 26 at The Gramercy.

National MS week is March 12, and this is when the official contest launches!

The nomination process: After a gentleman is nominated, they are asked to fund-raise for the MS Society. Those who raise most money will be named the 10 Most Eligible Bachelors and will be invited to walk the runway at Misters for MS.

Interested in nominating a bachelor? Send his name, email, and phone to Misters for MS Chairperson Jessica Tretter- or 502-387-7123.

So, the Bachelors themselves are *not* auctioned off. They will be presenting the 10 live auction items.

For example, "Here's Bachelor #3, Bob. You'll see that Bob is holding a beautiful necklace from XX jewelers." The necklace is up for bid (NOT bob!). However, Bob is invited to strut his stuff, have fun, and collect as many names and numbers as he wants! (Fun!)

If you know someone special, I encourage you to to nominate a bachelor, and help this amazing cause!

What are your favorite Charity events?