Bourbon Beauty: Awakenings Boutique Event "Look Fabulous, Be Awesome".

This event looks and sounds like so much fun! Join me for a night of fun & learning! Event is free to those who currently have cancer. Space is limited to the first 30 women who RSVP via evite.

Per the Press Release:

A new program in Louisville encourages and educates those who have cancer to Look Fabulous, Be Awesome. Created by Awakenings Boutique Founder and Owner Heidi Fuller, Look Fabulous, Be Awesome begins this month and will include quarterly events. With the first event set for Wednesday, March 20, the two-hour workshops will focus on beauty and health techniques to help female "Cancer Slayers" combat the physical side effects of cancer treatments.
Fuller, who fought and won her battle against Stage 3 Uterine Cancer, explains, “There’s a real lack of education and support in Louisville for those who have cancer. I created Look Fabulous, Be Awesome to fill this void. When I had cancer, I didn’t know where to turn for education about basic needs such as wigs, skin care, nutrition and fitness. I don’t want others to feel that way!” 
Held at Awakenings Boutique in Middletown (12121 Shelbyville Road, beside of Two Chicks), the March 20 event is free to those who currently have cancer. Space is limited to the first 30 women who RSVP via evite. From 6-8 p.m., attendees will be educated about: 
Dealing with Hair Loss – Specific topics include wig wisdom 101, hats and scarves, and hair pieces / toppers. Fuller will lead this discussion. 
Fitness and Nutrition – Led by The Barre Code Louisville Owner Heather Thomas, this portion will focus on the importance of strength training, exercises that can be done at home and healthy eating advice. 
Skincare and Makeup – Fuller and Makeup Artist Ashley Meadows will talk about non-toxic makeup and skincare brands as well as demo ways to create brows and lashes after hair loss.
In addition to the personalized education and camaraderie, there will be light bites and healthy drinks at #LookFabBeAwesome.
Learn more about Fuller and Awakenings online, via phone at 502.384.6780, and on social media @WigLadyBoutique.

Bourbon Beauty: Majestic Nails & Spa Louisville, Ky.

While visiting Trader Joe's, I decided to quickly google the closest nail place (I had my sons' holiday parties, and I forgot how badly my nails needed some tlc). My phone said the closest place was literally 3 minutes away (My usual nail place has a pretty long wait, so I figured I'd try this place first.).


I happened to walk into the Grand Opening of this new salon, and I was blown away by how beautiful it looked. Everything was brand new, and they had nail color options galore!

It was very spacious, lots of room for those looking to host a spa day!

They have a bar inside of the salon (!!!!) So pretty!

They also offer waxing services, maybe next time I'll give this a try.

Congratulations on your new Salon! I can't wait to visit again. So aesthetics aside, how did my nails turn out?

I LOVED them. I've had dip nails done at 3 different locations here in Louisville, and this one by far was my favorite! There were no lumps or crazy thickness to the powder, it was perfectly filed. It lasted forever! Upwards of 2.5 weeks... 

I highly recommend you visit Majestic Nails & Spa, I loved my experience.

Majestic Nails & Spa
4600 Shelbyville Rd.
Louisville, Ky. 40207

Bourbon Beauty: The Barre Code Middletown, New Kids Room!

Not too long ago, I started again on my fitness journey (as a mom, its a personal struggle finding the balance between work, events, finances, maintaining my home, boys' school, Dr. appointments, Date nights, my list goes on!), and I began to wonder the age old question, "Can women truly have it all?". In my opinion, I think the answer is yes, just not all at the same time.

Finding the balance can be difficult, but, not impossible. Once you start incorporating "normal" life after adjusting to kids, finding the balance is much easier when you find a community that is child friendly. This is where The Barre Code comes in!

Finding gyms in Louisville that has childcare has been hard. There were several that I thought would be great to join, but not having a place to drop off my kiddos for me was a huge deterrent. (If I have to schedule childcare ($$ + gas + time to drop off and pick up kids.... = hassle.), it just wasn't worth the effort to join. *shrug*

It was brought to my attention that The Barre Code in Middletown now has a Kids Room! New studio owner, Heather Thomas, sat down with me to talk about her *new* endeavor, and the new addition to her studio. When asked what inspired her to become the new studio owner of The Barre Code, she said:
I have been an instructor at The Barre Code for three years now, and I was also the Studio Manager/Master Trainer for two of those years. In September 2018, I became the Studio Owner as a next step to keep The Barre Code community thriving in Louisville. It is truly a dream come true to be the studio owner. I couldn’t imagine my life without The Barre Code, and I know our members feel the same. The members and staff inspire me every day! They are what make The Barre Code what it is today.
I asked her what advice she would give to new moms who may find group fitness intimidating? (I've been there!)
At The Barre Code, our mission is to empower women and encourage them to find their best self. Our workouts will help you find YOUR strong, and you will have the support you need to get there. Now that I am a Mom, “Me” time is more important than ever. Motherhood is amazing, but also so challenging. Moms are always multi-tasking, and doing so much for others. Making time for yourself will make you a better person for others in the end.
I also asked if there was anything she thought new moms should know before joining The Barre Code?
Be patient with yourself and listen to your body during class just as you did throughout your pregnancy. Instructors give modifications and advancements so that you can tailor the workout to fit your needs. Week by week you will notice a difference in your strength, but patience and consistency is key.

I was so excited to hear more about her new kids' room:
Kids room is a child watch service. We take care of your kids while you get your 50-minute workout in. We keep a 5:1 child-staff ratio, and it is available M/W/F and Sat mornings. We hope to add more days and times as demand increases. You can reserve your spot on Mindbody just as you do a regular class. Cost is $5 for a drop in or $40 for a 10-Pack.

 Over the past few years, I have seen a number of our members have to cancel their memberships after having kids. I want The Barre Code to be a part of a Mom’s journey pre and postnatal. Having this option, we can hopefully keep them part of our community in the future, and bring more Moms into our environment.

I personally love the new changes to The Barre Code, and can't wait for the kids and I to see what its like!

What do you do for me time? How do you balance your life?

For more information on The Barre Code, check them out at:

12442 Shelbyville Rd.Louisville, KY 40243
(502) 749-2951

Bourbon Beauty: Kendra Scott Holiday 2018

I was invited by Kendra Scott in Louisville, Ky. to check out their beautiful new line of goodies! I'm a huge fan of their jewelry. (I've purchased some pieces before, so I was very familiar with the brand before I was invited in.).

Rose gold is my favorite gold! I loved all of the dainty pieces they had, it was hard to choose.

I love the charms Kendra Scott carries, and was excited when they offered to gift me some pieces to share with you. Each one comes with a sweet little card and polishing case. I chose the Unicorn horn and Unicorn for two reasons.  1, because It reminds me of my childhood and sweet times I spent with my mom and dad (I always chose Unicorn face paints at ANY fair we went to, and I decorated everything Unicorn in my room). 2, I also get to enjoy seeing the Unicorn decor my baby niece has! I think of her when I look down at it. The elephant has a special meaning because my mom always told me they were lucky, and evil eyes are known as a symbol in my culture to ward off evil (and ward off bad vibes from negativity!).

I love that every charm can mean something different for everyone! Not to mention it gives a little eye candy when you look down at your bling!

I adored these pieces so much, I asked if I could have a look at their line to share with anyone looking for Christmas gifts! These were my favorite pieces.

Aria Gold Statement Earrings $265

I LOOOOOOVE how pretty these earrings look!! All. The. Sparkles. These would look amazing to wear to a Christmas party, or maybe bringing in the New Year! 
Holiday Large Tumbler Candle $65

Their Rose Quartz Candle is my ALL time favorite (If you haven't smelled their candles, I urge you to go take a peek!). I haven't smelled this one, but on their site it listed it as Rosemary and Pine notes (very Christmas-y!). I think these would make the perfect hostess gift. I love how beautiful this would look on my vanity.

Malia Bangle Sets $135

Bangles, bangles, and more bangles! These are a staple in jewelry collection. They're so effortlessly chic, and a easily dressed up or down. Both the Rose Gold and Yellow Gold look amazing.

Moody Mood Pendant Necklace $95

I don't really wear much color when it comes to jewelry, but this piece looked so striking. I think it would pair beautifully with a cream or white cashmere sweater. This looks very festive, gorgeous statement piece.

Rufus Pendant Necklace $60

Sticking with me favorite rose gold, I loved the look of this necklace as well! I prefer dainty pieces, and this one looks glam. So pretty! I have some exciting news coming up with them this spring, but until then, I thought it would be fun to give you a peek into what they have in store for the holiday season!

If you're local to Louisville, definitely make a trip to Oxmoor Mall! You'll find the perfect gift for her.

Kendra Scott

7900 Shelbyville Rd. B-10
Louisville, Ky. 40222

You can also check them out at:

What are your favorite pieces from Kendra Scott?

Bourbon Beauty: Emma Justine Salon Holiday Gift Ideas!

It's no secret my *love* for Amie @ Emma Justine Salon. (I found her thanks to friend on Instagram, and I visited her before I was invited to try out her services at her new salon.). I've written about my hair gloss treatment here, her Grand Opening here, and she has an Instagram highlight on my stories on my page (if you're interested in seeing my mini video experiences at her salon/party!)

I've loved every service I've received (hence why I keep going back!). One of my favorite treatments was the facial I received from her spa esthetician. I loved the ambiance of the place (it was very soothing and relaxing, they played music and offered me water).

I undressed to my comfort level, and we had a small consult discussing my skin type. I have sensitive skin for the most part (I was diagnosed with A-topic Dermatitis and seasonal Eczema/psoriasis), and I try to use as many natural products as possible. (I enjoy trying new things, but I always tend to go back to products with minimal ingredients because they cause the least stress to my skin.).

I loved all of the products she used! My skin felt soft, supple, and I experienced no irritation from the products she used on my skin. The line Shira she carries was *amazing*. It smelled great! Its an organic all natural line, so if you have sensitive skin, this is the place to go to.

I loved the serum she used, which was the pomegranate scented. (Surprising, because its not a typical scent I like. It was very sweet and soothing.)

This was hands down my favorite product she used, the Mango mask was AMAZING. I need to go back and buy this. If I were to purchase anything, this would be the one I would do. My skin was left very soft and moisturized. 

Aside from Spa services, I can't rave enough about my HAIR! She's been doing my haircuts for I think about a year now? I finally bit the bullet and she worked her magic foil Baylage (I think that's what its called?). I forgot the correct term, but I LOVED it. I didn't want anything that required a lot of maintenance, nor something that was super noticeable. This was perfect! I was so happy with her work.

Christmas time is the perfect time to treat yourself or someone you adore to a little pampering! She has giftcards available for all services and products. Also, products of the month are 25% off! 

For more information, check out her website:

What is your favorite salon in Louisville?

Bourbon Beauty: Random Love- Lanolin Lano Hands Rose Cream

I've been loving this too much *not* to share! Random photo, but this hand lotion is a savior from LanoLips. I loved the light rose scent, and even though it felt thick at first, it absorbs quickly and left my skin soft. In love.

Whats your favorite hand lotion?

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