Bourbon Beauty: Stop Traffic Fundraiser 5-16-2019

What's better than eating while raising money for a great cause?? Mark your calendars! May 16th, from 5pm-10pm, bring in this flyer, and 20% of your meal will be donated to Stop Traffic Kentucky!

I hope to see you there! (don't forget to print this page, or save it to your phone before you go!)

For more information: check out

Bourbon Beauty: Find 'em Scent Safe

A couple of weeks ago, "Find'em Scent Safe" asked me If I would like to try out their product. Their "Scent Safe" is a product to help you find a loved one, if God forbid they were ever lost.

My oldest son was diagnosed with Autism at around 3 years old. The thought of any child getting lost is disheartening, but having a child who can't communicate magnifies those worries 100,000,000,000 times more. My biggest fear is him getting lost, and statistically speaking, its not an unfounded worry.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there were 424,066 reports of children missing in 2018. Almost half a million children in 2018 alone (!!!).. Between 2007 and 2017, 952 children reported missing had autism, and 43 children were unfortunately recovered deceased.

My heart breaks for those families, and it makes you wonder, what can we as parents do? I've searched for GPS devices, name tags, I've even gone as far as researching micro-chip tracking (its crazy to me that we have a way to track pets, but ZERO ways to immediately track people who are mentally disabled...) I've been desperate to find something to keep my child located at all times.

While I don't personally have all of the answers, (and we are still navigating our life with Autism in this big world.) I'm happy that a product like this exists so that you have a back up plan in case something does happen.

Scent Safe is a product that was created by a police officer to "help you locate your loved one". The idea is to get the scent of your loved one, & store it safely for up to a year in case of an emergency. When people go missing, they sometimes utilize a dog to smell the scent of a person to help track them down. It is extremely important for the scent of the loved one to be uncontaminated, so that the canines know exactly who they are searching for.

Per their website:

Dr. Webb is a decorated Captain of the police force and an accomplished handler of bloodhounds. She knows how devoted handlers are to their dogs and vice-versa because she has trained the best of them. Dr. Webb also knows that these handler/dog teams are here to serve people in need. They have devoted themselves to the rigorous training required to develop the tools to achieve success in search and rescue operations. These handlers, officers and military personnel often put themselves at risk, along with their dogs, in the line of duty. She developed the Scent Safe to give these brave teams the best advantage they can have when tracking a lost loved one, a pristine, uncontaminated scent item.

I opened up our carefully wrapped Find'em Scent Safe Box:


Here is what their instructions list:


I noticed that per their instructions, it said something to the effect of "scents collected after rising body temperature/ perspiration is optimal". I waited until after my son was done with his heavy work exercises on his trampoline to collect his scent.

The instructions also say that the gauze has to be held for 5 minutes. To pass the time, I gave him the stuffed puppy as we watched puppy videos on his ipad, we were done in a pinch. It is extremely important you read the instructions before use so as not to contaminate the product.

In our case, we do have a child with special needs, but I do see how this could be useful for any family member in your home. I hope that we never have to use this, but I'm grateful that we do have a product in case of an emergency. I highly recommend getting a product such as this, as another added layer of protection in your home.

For more information:

Thank you Find'em Scent safe for sending me a product for review. I commend you for looking for new ways to protect those that do not have a voice.

Bourbon Beauty: Stop Traffic Derby Eve Gala

Who's joining me?! Tickets for sale here:

Bourbon Beauty: Kendra Scott Party! May 1st 5pm-8pm

May 1st 5PM - 8PM, I will be hosting a Kendra Gives Back Party at Kendra Scott in Oxmoor Mall, Louisville, Ky. Come join me for some drinks & snacks as you do some shopping! Kentucky Derby, Mother's Day, Graduation, *tons* of celebrations going on, now is the time to shop and give back to our community! 20% of all sales during this time, will go back to a local school Dare to Care Food Bank.

Also, *only* available May 1st, if you spend $100 or more, you will receive a free Druzy Necklace compliments of Kendra Scott.

Here is the official invite!

Here is their summer look book!

These were the charms gifted to me last winter, my favorite pieces at the time (and some of them are still available for purchase!!)

I was also told a *NEW* special charm has been introduced just for The Kentucky Derby. Here they have it displayed along with the lucky horseshoe & rose charm.

I personally prefer the rose gold shade, but the gold color is *beautiful*!! I have my eye on a couple of pieces, this one specifically:

Lately I've been on a butterfly binge, I have a special project that *hopefully* will debut next spring! Butterflies have a special meaning to me, so it will be fun to unveil when the time is right.

I hope to see everyone there! It will be fun, stop in for some free drinks and snacks, and shop away for a good cause (and a free necklace!).

What are your favorite pieces from Kendra Scott? What are you doing for derby?

Bourbon Beauty: Getting Ready for Derby with Emma Justine Salon!

Happy April, and welcome to the OFFICIAL 1 month count down to DERBY!! Last week Emma Justine Salon had an adorable Derby Party filled with amazing local vendors. Unfortunately, I could only peek in to get a few shots, but I didn't want to miss out on sharing this. (Emma Justine is my *favorite* salon in Louisville. She's done amazing work on my hair, and her esthetician did an amazing job on my last facial. Since I have sensitive skin, and prefer organic products, Emma Justine Salon is a savior for all things beauty.).


I don't know what I love more, the salon, or the food they offer during their events lol (Kidding! but their caterer is amazing! I was in love with their opening event.).


When you walk into her salon, the first thing I always see are the moving art pieces she has hanging up. Art by AIZIK was a featured vendor at their event! Love the art!


BB Macarons looked delicious!! So many different flavors to choose from. If you're having a derby party, this would be adorable as little treats.


LOUVINO from Middletown was there with appetizers, their food looked delicious. I really need to try them out, I've heard great things (especially about their charcuterie, and their lobster and crab cakes!).


Everyone knows Derby is about fashion, and while the main focus may be looking for the hats, I'm always checking out the bow ties! I love how guys (or gals) can show off a super fun look through a bow tie. These colorful ones are available from Peak Ties

Parkside Family Dental was also showcasing some of their available treatments! More info here.

Prickly Pear Boutique also showcased some of their goodies from their boutique! The Derby tumblers were cute, and the bright colors for spring are completely on trend!

While trying to find goodies for your parties and Derby celebrations, please consider supporting local :-)

Thank you Emma Justine Salon for your invitation! I hope you guys will follow me along as I prepare for fun Derby events this following month!

For more information on these amazing businesses, as well as Emma Justine Salon, I've included their direct links above.

What are you most looking forward to for Derby?

Emma Justin Salon
15115 Main Street 
Louisville, Ky. 

Bourbon Beauty: Spotz Gelato Grand Opening!

Congratulations to Spotz Gelato's Grand Opening today! They have officially opened their new shop located in Georgetown, Ky. 

I  can't wait to personally see this gem. Spotz Gelato is local, and is known for their delicious handcrafted, small batched Gelato.

I love Gelato! In general, its much more dense in flavor & texture than your traditional ice cream. From what I've gathered online, Gelato is typically made from cream, milk & custard.

Per their website:

Award winning handcrafted, small batch gelato & sorbet made from local Kentucky Proud ingredients and served in vintage food trucks at festivals,events, weddings, corporate events & private parties throughout Kentucky.....AND in our Scoop Shops in Versailles and Georgetown, Kentucky and Las Penitas, Nicaragua!

I love that their Gelatos are made from local ingredients (and how cute that they serve out of vintage trucks for events! I need to see that!).

Here's their menu:

A little bird told me they had a Banana flavor, so I'm planning on taking a trip this week (yay spring break!) to come and check them out. (I'll snap some shots of their flavors). Does anyone know of fun places to see while I'm in Georgetown?

Congrats again on your new opening! I can't wait to come visit.

Spotz Gelato 
135 W. Main Street
Georgetown, Ky.

Bourbon Beauty: Awakenings Boutique Event "Look Fabulous, Be Awesome".

This event looks and sounds like so much fun! Join me for a night of fun & learning! Event is free to those who currently have cancer. Space is limited to the first 30 women who RSVP via evite.

Per the Press Release:

A new program in Louisville encourages and educates those who have cancer to Look Fabulous, Be Awesome. Created by Awakenings Boutique Founder and Owner Heidi Fuller, Look Fabulous, Be Awesome begins this month and will include quarterly events. With the first event set for Wednesday, March 20, the two-hour workshops will focus on beauty and health techniques to help female "Cancer Slayers" combat the physical side effects of cancer treatments.
Fuller, who fought and won her battle against Stage 3 Uterine Cancer, explains, “There’s a real lack of education and support in Louisville for those who have cancer. I created Look Fabulous, Be Awesome to fill this void. When I had cancer, I didn’t know where to turn for education about basic needs such as wigs, skin care, nutrition and fitness. I don’t want others to feel that way!” 
Held at Awakenings Boutique in Middletown (12121 Shelbyville Road, beside of Two Chicks), the March 20 event is free to those who currently have cancer. Space is limited to the first 30 women who RSVP via evite. From 6-8 p.m., attendees will be educated about: 
Dealing with Hair Loss – Specific topics include wig wisdom 101, hats and scarves, and hair pieces / toppers. Fuller will lead this discussion. 
Fitness and Nutrition – Led by The Barre Code Louisville Owner Heather Thomas, this portion will focus on the importance of strength training, exercises that can be done at home and healthy eating advice. 
Skincare and Makeup – Fuller and Makeup Artist Ashley Meadows will talk about non-toxic makeup and skincare brands as well as demo ways to create brows and lashes after hair loss.
In addition to the personalized education and camaraderie, there will be light bites and healthy drinks at #LookFabBeAwesome.
Learn more about Fuller and Awakenings online, via phone at 502.384.6780, and on social media @WigLadyBoutique.