Fall Recipe Round up.

I thought it would be fun to try out some new fall foods/diy! Seems like fall is just zipping by...

{Confetti Pumpkin DIY By: A Subtle Revelry}

 {Pumpkin Magic Custard Cake By: The Gunny Sack}

{14 Easy One Sentence Recipes By: BHG}

 {Low Carb Taco Soup By: Mountain Mama Cooks}

What are some new recipes you're trying out this year?



Happy Halloween: Halloween in Louisville.

This year, I decided to try out some new things for our fall festivities.

Typically for Halloween, we've stayed around our neighborhood to do some trick or treating (pretty boring!). This year, we took our boys to The Paddock (weekend before Halloween), and then we headed to Crescent Hill to the famous Frankfort Ave. for the real stuff. Oh my goodness, was everything decorated to a T. All of the homes were decked out, tons of adults in costumes! I honestly can't wait to go back for next year! Such a great experience for the family, def must see for anyone in Louisville.

The day after Halloween, I wanted to commemorate my grandfather for Dia De Los Muertos. To be honest, this was my first time celebrating this Hispanic holiday. Growing up, we only celebrated Halloween (although I knew of Dia De Los Muertos), but I've been yearning to teach my sons' more of our culture and traditions.

I cooked my Grandfather's favorite meal (according to my grandma it's Caldo De Res (a beef soup)), ate his favorite nuts (with his actual nutcrackers that were given to me as a gift), and displayed his picture for my kids to see. It was a lovely family dinner.

The day after, we celebrated All Saints Day (I am a very non-conservative Catholic) in honor of Saint Anthony. I really don't consider myself religious, as much as I consider myself spiritual.<3 I pray to St. Anthony for many things, and feel he helps us out very much! (Diving into some personal beliefs in this post I guess, lol.). I made a simple Rotini Pasta & cheese dish, served with Asiago Bread from Lucky's Market, and Beringer Wine (I'm not a huge Wine drinker, but I'm obsessed with this one!)

What was your Halloween like?



More often than not, I get upset when something doesn't go the way I wanted. There's a reason for everything<3


Smile Brilliant: At Home Teeth Whitening Review


 I was approached by a rep for Smile Brilliant!, to see if I'd be interested in trying out some of their products for review. I personally use different brands of teeth whitening products, so I was completely on board to see what it was about.

I was sent out everything pictured above. First, you make these molds by mixing the pastes and placing it into the trays. You make the indentations, and send off to their labratory to make your custom fit trays. (I loved this part because I enjoyed playing with the paste and making my mold lol.)

These are the pastes you mold together and play with before you place it into the tray and bite into it. Then you send it off (pre-labeled/pre-paid package) and wait for your molds to come in.

Here are my molds of my teeth I got back! Super Quick, and easy to do.




These were the whitening gels & de-sensitizing gels that were sent out to me. You just place them into the trays and pop them into your mouth. You can either start out in 15 minute increments, or work up to higher amounts of time on your teeth. The great thing about this, is that the de-sensitizing gel is set up so that you immediately apply it to help out with any sensitivity. (My teeth usually hurt with whitening systems, but I found that this helped quite a bit, and had noticeably less irritation, especially along my gums.


These were my before and after pictures. I def saw a big improvement in the brightness of my teeth! I'm very happy with the product, especially considering these kind of treatments cost upwards of $500 at a dentist office. This makes it super easy & much more cost effective.

Here are other testimonials on their products :-)
Here is a video provided by Smile Brilliant! explaining their product.

Check them out at Smile Brilliant! Have you tried their products before?