Bourbon Beauty: Quote.

I'm a firm believer that happiness comes within yourself. Be Happy. 

Bourbon Beauty: Younger Woman's Club of Louisville- Fall Into Fabulous Fashion Show 10-19-2018

Come join the Annual Fall Fashion Show with The Younger Woman's Club of Louisville!

Per their Press Release:

Louisville, KY - September 2018 - Celebrate Louisville’s Most Fashionable Philanthropist and preview the hottest fall fashions at the Younger Woman’s Club of Louisville’s annual fashion show, Fall into Fabulous, on October 19, 2018. Beginning at 7:30 p.m. with a cocktail hour and the fashion show at 8:30 p.m., Fall into Fabulous will be held at The Marcus Lindsey, 801 East Main Street in Louisville.
All proceeds from Fall into Fabulous (#FallIntoFabYWC) benefit the Younger Woman’s Club (YWC) of Louisville Charity Campaign, which provides grants to area charities through a juried grant-making process. To date, YWC has distributed over $3.4 million to local non-profits. In 2018, YWC contributed $20,000 to Louisville-area non-profit agencies.
Fall into Fabulous attendees will preview looks from local boutiques while enjoying hors-d'oeuvres, an open bar, and Fab Find opportunities. Boutiques include: Peake Bowties, Peonies & A Sparrow, Peppermint Palm, Sassy Fox, Six Sisters, Something Blue, Tunie's and Work the Metal.
During the show, the YWC will award the title of Most Fashionable Philanthropist to one of nine local community-minded stylemakers. The MFP award will go to the candidate who receives the most “votes” in the form of a tax-deductible donation to YWC’s Charity Campaign. As an added incentive, YWC will donate 50% of the total amount collected to the winner’s charity of choice. For any candidate who raises over $1,000, YWC will donate 10% of the funds he or she raises to his or her charity of choice.


 The public can vote for their favorite candidate beginning Sept. 28 at Voting will remain open through Oct. 18 at midnight.

A limited-number of VIP tickets, which include a swag bag and front-row seating, are $100. General Admission tickets are $75 each. All ticket levels include cocktails and hors d'ouevres and may be purchased at For more information, please contact Natalie Kaelin at THE YOUNGER WOMAN’S CLUB OF LOUISVILLE: The Younger Woman’s Club (YWC) of Louisville was founded on 1921, stating as its purpose “to promote among the younger women of Louisville, an active involvement and intelligent interest in culture and civic affairs in the community.” Ninety-five years later, the modern Younger Woman's Club strives to meet the changing demands of its members and the Louisville community while revering the history of our founding members and our association with the Woman's Club of Louisville. We invite you to learn more on

So many fun fall events going on! Love that this one supports a wonderful cause. What's your favorite event in Louisville?

Bourbon Beauty: The Barre Code & LC Middletown Event 10/11/18 7:00pm-8:00 PM

I was invited to check The Barre Code last year, here is my review on their facility. This Thursday from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM they've teamed up with LC Middletown for a fun Fall Event! Class will be 30 minutes long of Barre Code, followed by 30 minutes of yoga! All levels are welcome. So much to celebrate as they partner with LC Middletown. 

Per their Event Brite Site:

This will be our wrap up celebration for our #BackToSweat2018 challenge and we will be sharing some exciting things we have in store for The Barre Code Louisville! There will be special giveaways along with drink specials (1/2 price bottles of wine) at The Goat post class. Mark your calendar for Thursday, October 11th at 7:00 PM. Event is FREE! BYO Mat.

Totally free event! Have fun!

Link to their event.

Bourbon Beauty: My week in photos.

"I didn't lose myself when I became a mother. I found myself."

While watching Tati's channel on YouTube (yes, I watch and ADORE beauty and lifestyle videos on YouTube. I've attempted to record some, when I feel more comfortable in front of the camera I'll share lol.), and saw that CVS pharmacy carried a new K Beauty line from KISS cosmetics. It said K beauty "inspired", but the products did say they were made in Korea. I don't know if the ingredients are from Korea as well? Regardless, Tati gave it great review (the concealer and liner), so I figured it was worth a shot. Plus they have a great return policy! (side note: its been YEARS since I've been in a CVS pharmacy. I can't believe how many products they carry.)

My kids were *troopers*. I literally went to 3 CVS to find what I was looking for. They were totally fine with it, definitely earned a treat for the day.

I forgot to take pictures of the other goodies, I'll probably post it on Instagram. I purchased a peach concealer, ElishaCoy Snail Cream, a Gold Peel off mask by JOAH, and an eyeliner. So far the snail cream isn't as hydrating as I thought, but it absorbs quickly. We'll see how it works out.

Rose. Flavored. Lattes. From The Coffee Zone at Westport Village (Louisville, Ky.). You're welcome.

What are your favorite places to shop?

Bourbon Beauty: Quote -Life Lessons.

Lessons I teach my sons, but have to remember for myself as well 

Bourbon Beauty: Chai (Tea) Recipe

 (n.) A hug in a cup. 

Tea has always had a special place in my heart. Whenever I was ill, or not feeling well, my mom would always have a "te de manzanilla" (Chamomile Tea), ready to soothe whatever ailment I had going on. I don't know if it was the healing properties in the tea that actually eased my symptoms, or feeling the warm comfort of my mom soothing me, but tea always made me feel better.

As a little girl, I have fond memories of my grandfather working outside on his "Beauty Queen" truck. I remember my dad telling me to make him his iced tea, so it would cool him down during our hot Chicago summer. I still remember running into our old garage, the scent of car oil hit me as I opened that garage door, & yelling for Vito excited I had his iced tea.

Chicago was the melting pot of culture, and although Ethnic food was *always* in my home growing up, visiting friends' homes was where I really had my exposure to other people and their food. I loved seeing what their moms' were cooking, and the different snacks they had in their home. The one that sticks out to me most, was visiting my Indian friend, and smelling the delicious Chai (tea) her mom had prepared on the stove. Cinnamon and cloves (along with the faint scent of curry) filled the air, and I was intrigued. I was too embarrassed to ask for a taste, but I quickly jotted down the name of the tea before running home -and asking my mom to buy it. (Side note: I miss the days I could ask my mom to add my "wants" onto her grocery list hahaha.).

When I first attempted to make Chai, it tasted awful! I didn't realize it was prepared with milk and not water. (Its funny, because Mexican Hot Chocolate never has water, its always made with milk. I should've known better!) I don't remember how I came to the conclusion it was made with milk, my mom probably suggested it. (This was way before smart phones with google existed, LOL).

As an adult, I absolutely adore tea, and the many variations of it. I'm a huge foodie, and tasting teas (as well as preparing them differently) is something that excites me! I'm not sure if this is the authentic way to prepare Chai, but this is how I do it. Adjust your sweetness accordingly.

Preparation of Indian Chai (Tea)

2 Cups of Organic Milk
2 Tazo Chai Tea Bags
2 TBSP of Raw Cane Sugar
Pour 2 cups of milk into a small pot. Bring the heat up to a rolling simmer, taking care not to scald the milk. (Milk burns very easily!) Turn off the heat. Place the tea bags, and the sugar into your cup. *Carefully* pour your hot milk into the cup, and let it steep for about 4 minutes or so. (I've never had bitter Chai before, you can let it steep for quite a while, and the spice intensifies the longer you let it steep). Enjoy!
Alternate Method:
If you prefer Iced Tea, cook as directed. Let the tea cool, and pour over ice and enjoy! Feel free to add a dried rosebud (as I did) for garnish! Dried Roses available here.

What are your favorite teas? Have you tried a milk tea before?