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Monday, September 21, 2015

Pulpo (Octopus) and Buttered Jasmine Rice Recipe

Monday, September 14, 2015


If you love seafood, I promise you'll love this! Sometimes I'm a little skeptical about writing recipes that are considered delicacies, that others may considered a huge turn off. But I figure there are plenty of foods that some may think look awful, which could be completely normal to others! I grew up eating all kinds of different foods that others may think are crazy... As long as it tastes good, I'm ready to try! Bizarre Foods anyone? lol.

Anyways, I thought this turned out great, so for anyone looking to try something a little different, this is super easy to make.

Pulpo (Octopus) and Buttered Jasmine Rice
  • Octopus Tentacles (I purchased this at Whole Foods)
  • Salt (to taste)
  • 2 Cups Jasmine Rice
  • 1/2 Green Bell Pepper Diced
  • 1/2 TBSP Butter
  • Ponzu Sauce to taste

Place raw octopus in a stock pot, and fill with water to cover. Sprinkle a bit of salt to flavor the broth. Bring to a rolling boil. Once the meat is tender enough to pierce with a fork, remove from heat (Save the delicious stock for later use by freezing.).

While the Octopus is cooking, cook 2 cups of rice, butter, and diced green bell pepper in a rice cooker, according to your rice cooker's instructions.

Serve sliced octopus over a bed of rice, and drizzle Ponzu Sauce on top. Enjoy!

What's the most unique food you've ever tried?

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Monday, September 7, 2015

 {Salmon nigiri tray from Whole Foods}

Random Post: I'm more active on Instagram than I am here on my blog. It's easier to just shoot and post in real life time :-) This is an instant boba milk tea I purchased at a local Asian Mart! It was good, I prefer making it with milk over water as the instructions say.

This is was the first time I tried Trader Joe's coconut water, and oh my gosh it tasted as though I put a straw into a fresh coconut. SO delicious. 

Shrimp Tempura Roll from Whole Foods in Louisville. My favorite supermarket Sushi Roll.

I tried out the Rosy Cheeks by Lush! Brand new, but as beautiful as it smells, my number one face mask is still Catastrophe Cosmetic. I just can't let it go.

Are you on Instagram? I have yet to get on Snap Chat...

Verbana Cafe: First Day of School

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

When my youngest started his first day of school, admittedly I was very sad. I was happy, of course, that he'll be able to socialize (He's been crying to go to school since he could speak). Deep down, selfishly, I wanted to keep him home with me. It's all been very bitter sweet!

My mom and Aunt came to visit me to cheer me up, we met up with my very close friend and went to Verbana Cafe to eat some breakfast. (I had such good company, it really didn't hit me until the next day how quiet my day is without him<3)

The food was delicious, I ordered the ham and spinach skillet (first food picture above), my friend ordered the beautiful waffles, and my mom ordered these cheese Blintzes. No one had any complaints about the food. As usual it was very delicious!

My favorite tea is their Jasmine Green Tea. Oh how I love this stuff!

Afterwards, we visited the Tea Station and grabbed some tea before we did some shopping at the Summit. It ended up being a great day, and I couldn't have asked for better company. So many of my friends and family texted me to see how I was doing. I am very touched and forever grateful to everyone who asked, I couldn't have asked for better loved ones!

Verbana Cafe
10639 Meeting Street
Prospect, Ky.

Tea Station
9422 Norton Commons BLVD
Prospect, Ky.

Crane House Night Market: Louisville

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I love Ethnic food. I love Mexican Food, I love Asian Food, I love Indian Food... I have yet to meet a cuisine I didn't like.

Whenever I visit home (Chicago), the ONE place I always visit is China Town. I wrote a little bit about it here from my last visit. The shopping, the FOOD, the culture, I miss Chicago so incredibly much. Aside from missing my family, the hardest part of leaving Chicago was my beloved food (I know... re-reading that sounds ridiculous, but its the truth!)

I really wish there were places like China Town available in Louisville, so when I heard that Louisville was going to have its own night market, I was ecstatic to say the least. Night markets are very popular in Asia (I've seen lots of them featured on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern), and I've also heard that they are quite popular in China Town California (bucket list!). I've visited day markets in Mexico when I was a teen, but to experience a night market was completely new to me.

I wish there were more outdoor Ethnic Markets/Bazarrs (aside from the occasional special event in Louisville), but I suppose maybe more will start blossoming in the future as our city grows. (Have you guys been to the World Fest? Its amazing how much its grown since we first moved here!)

When I decided to purchase tickets to the Night Market, unfortunately the tickets were sold out. I contacted the Crane House, they were so kind, and quickly notified me as soon as they placed more tickets for sale online. (That's a huge plus about living in Louisville, most places you call go above and beyond to help you find info. If I asked a Chicago venue for sold out tickets/extra info, I probably would have heard a dial tone...)

The event was located at the Crane House in Old Louisville. I've been to Old Louisville for their Spring fest, but this was my first time visiting Crane House. Its such a beautiful part of town, if you've never been, I highly recommend checking it out. 

I purchased the All You Can Eat Ramen tickets (of course), and it didn't disappoint. The line was super long, it wrapped around the event lot. (They had another line for what I believe was Vietnamese BBQ, but I was already stuffed from the Ramen.) You stopped at different stations along the line; first station noodles. second station you choose your broth, 3rd station you choose your meat and so forth.

Now, being completely honest, although I've read and have seen a lot about Ramen, I've never tried it fresh, or authentic. I've made different versions of dried instant Ramen from several Asian Marts in Louisville, (I've also prepared the noodles with raw egg, furikaki, and other authentic ingredients) but I've never had the opportunity to try it out.

Since I do not know how authentic fresh Ramen is supposed to taste, I can't vouch for its authenticity. But as far as taste goes? It was amazing! The noodles were *nothing* like the dried versions I've had, and the fresh ingredients offered several different textures and flavors that harmonized so incredibly well. It had an umami taste from the broth, and the fresh veggies and pickled daikon paired beautifully well. I was craving it so much, the next day I went out to try to find the noodles. Turns out most recipes are highly guarded, its very hard to find true recipes online to make at home.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much seating available, so we were stuck eating on a cement wall before chairs opened up for us. When we finally sat down, I *ran* over to the Boba Tea line that was almost completely sold out. I was served the last cup of Boba, and it was so watered down. I have no idea how it may have tasted when it was fresh, but this tasted like watered down milk tea. I think since it was their first event, they really had to guesstimate how much food and drink to have on hand, which I completely understand. I hope they bring back the event, and hopefully the vendors have an idea on how much stock to have on hand. (I'm not sure how long the All You Can Eat food lasted, Next year I will be first in line lol!) 

I saw a sushi stand, so of course I had to try it out. I was a little skeptical at first (The rice *looked* like it was long grain, and the spicy sauce he used to make the spicy tuna came out of a commercial squeeze tube...) but it ended up being so tasty!! I loved the flavor, no complaints. It tasted way better than it photographed. 

My husband purchased the kids a frozen treat after their Ramen, I'm not sure what it was... but I heard no complaints from the kids. Mango flavored maybe??

The Yelp Louisville Booth was there, and I won a chapstick for checking in! I was going to take a picture of them, but I didn't want to be a creep and ask! (They always seem to be at the cool events!)

All in all it was a great time! I purchased some jewelry from a booth that helps refugees. I'll def write up a post soon about their charity.

Did you go to the Night Market? Congratulations on the great event Crane House! I can't wait to see this event come back, and I'll be on the look out for more of them :-)

Asia Institute Crane House  
1244 S. Third Street
Louisville, Ky.

Ky State Fair

Thursday, August 20, 2015 

The month of August has been a little difficult for me. My youngest started Kindergarten (hence the lack of posts), and that was hard on us for a number of reasons. It was a different kind of difficult, at least in comparison to my oldest starting school. 

Entering my oldest into head start (6 yrs ago), was a very difficult decision. Having Autism, he had a huge developmental delay, he barely uttered a word. Sending him to school with no communication was heart wrenching (I'll save our story for a different post, happy outcome though!). This time around, my anxiety didn't stem from my little one's lack of communication (he'll happily speak enough for the both of them :-) ), but my sadness from no longer having him at home. He's such a sweet little soul, the fact that he cried in school because "I missed you mama" tore me to pieces. </3 Aside from the few rough days, he came home with great reports, so I decided to treat them both to a surprise day at the Kentucky State Fair. I *really* appreciate that JCPS allows students an excused absence for the fair.

The rides didn't open up until later on in the day, so upon arrival, we checked out all of the indoor exhibits (they loved the animals and crafts!). After tons of walking and looking through the vendors, we stopped and snacked on Chocolate Covered Strawberry/Bananas Skewers & Popcorn. (I also purchased a cute My Melody iPhone case (I'll update with a picture later.) 

 Most of these pictures were just an excuse to play around with angles, and take colorful pictures.

Lots of great (and interesting..) fried foods lol.

I tried the infamous donut burger! The one pictured on top, was an outdoor stand.  The actual donut I tried was from the indoor expo, it was alright. 

This donut was made from just regular fried donuts, and I've heard the real good ones are made from Krispie Kreme. Had I known these were waiting for me outdoors, I would've waited! Oh well, next year I'll know.

This one, was by far my favorite treat of the day! Fried. Green. Tomatoes!! So crisp and delicious, I need to learn how to make these (or find a local place that I can pig out at!)

This day out will be a memorable one for sure<3 I'm fairly certain the boys enjoyed themselves, I certainly did!

Kentucky Exposition Center
937 Phillips Lane
Louisville, Ky. 40209

Inspiration for the week.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


This hits home<3