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When you work out, do you ever notice how your eating habits seem to change? I swear, the mornings I get a workout in, I really think twice about what I'm putting into my mouth. Was it really worth straining that hour, to throw it away over a bad meal? Probably not. After this morning's work out (and my 4th of July cheating turned into an extended weekend haha), I decided to have a raw meal with peppermint tea. (Pineapple & Peppermint are wonderful aids in digestion<3)

(Carb filled goodies I enjoyed over the weekend.... Not Shown: Denny's, Hot Dogs, Kit Kats, Reese's haha)

I completed week one of Cassey Ho's beginner's workout plan. I love her workouts in general... but in a workout video, I personally prefer less talking so I can focus on my technique. Pilates is very structured, and its very important that you keep good form (so you don't hurt yourself). I sort of felt her talking was a bit of a distraction.

Also, when I'm working out (especially beginners), I *need* to know how many reps I'm doing. She doesn't really plan it out... It just seems knowing the number (counting down or forward) lets me know in my head "okay only 5 more times, you can do this", so I end up stopping the reps because I tire out (and didn't realize she only had 3 more left.). She mentioned herself that she didn't have numbers in mind, & she just did her reps until she got tired... That is pretty frustrating.

Aside from the talking and reps issue, I do feel like a got a good workout! This morning I decided to keep the volume low so I didn't hear the chit chat, and made up reps in my head alone. If I didn't do as many as she did it was okay, or I ended up doing a few more. I don't know if her newer videos have changed at all, but it would be interesting to hear if anyone else had any issues with this? Maybe I'm just so out of shape, I just tire more than a normal beginner? I'm determined to see this through, along with doing the Paleo diet. (I did low carb/keto for 40+ days and didn't see much of a difference. Hopefully this will boost metabolism :-) )

What do you do to keep in shape?

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