November Challenge!

Who is ready to get their body fit? (I'm not willing to watch another Victoria's Secret Runway show while eating a McChicken.... I wish I were joking, lol) I am SET on trying to get my body toned! I love food, but diets don't work too well for me. I don't eat horribly bad, but I do love my food. My bff told me about this awesome blogger named Cassey. She makes it look fun! She has recipes, workout calendars, and food plans, its pretty neat. I tried to do her workout challenge in September, so I'm going to attempt it again, so here we go!

So for this month's challenge, I'm going to start her #Novemburn calendar. Its free to sign up! You just sign up for her newsletter, and she gives you a code to be able to view and follow along her workout plan.

Here's her website: Blogilates
Here's where to sign up: Sign up!

I hope you'll follow along with me. I'm excited to do this!