Must haves for Coachella!

With so many traveling to Coachella, I thought it would be fun to introduce a few favorite long lasting products to get you through the weekend. Partying out in the sun, means long lasting makeup is what you want on hand. (and hey, who knows, maybe use a few of these to incorporate for derby time as well?)

First on my list? 

Long Lasting Lip Color:
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, available a

While browsing the makeup counters last month (and I saw these at the awesome Makeup Show Chicago), I noticed some interesting packaged little squeeze tubes of color. They had primary/bold, and ordinary lip colors. Its a pretty neat concept! You can either use the bold colors as is, or mix and play with them until you get your own custom color (I have a problem finding my favorite shade of nude, so I picked up a pure white one to mix into other glosses to wash them out, obsessed!)

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics also has coordinating Lip Pencils & Colors.<3


The Coachella site, describes this year fashion as (for females):

 "Hats, Sunnies, Mixed Print Maxi, Boots, Colored Denim Shorts, Colourful Headband, Loose-Fitting Tank, Awesome Earrings, Gold Metal Collar Necklace, Neutral-Toned Sandals, Chiffon And Lace Crop Top, Colorful Bracelets, Printed Bags, Jean Short, Crochet Mini Dress."

Go with a bold lip color for a statement, or maybe use a statement necklace and go with a pretty nude lip?

Next Must Have?

Prime, Prime, Prime! & Waterproof Eyeliners!
Ardency Inn, Available at

No one wants runny foundation, or streaking eyeliner. If you're going to be outdoors in the sun, you definitely want a good base for your makeup, and eyeliner that's going to stay put. Ardency is pretty impressive, considering the variety of  "good for your skin" ingredients listed.

What's on your list of beauty must haves for the summer festivities for 2015?

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