Bourbon Beauty: Fashion Event at Talbots!

I was so sweetly invited to be the hostess of the Talbots Fashion Event for derby. The day before, they styled me for the event (I loved my experience, I had a great time getting fitted for the fun day.)

Mornings before events, I like to pamper myself. There have only been like 2 times that my parent's take the boys (for the entire weekend) to give me a little break. (Not that they don't offer, but I know children can be a handful!) So, I got to enjoy a quiet morning with my tea, while getting prepared for the day ahead. I lit a candle, turned on some music, put on a face mask and relaxed before heading out to Talbots.

I loved the items that their stylist helped me pick out. I selected a beautiful pastel pink dress for my event.

Along with a beautiful delicate sterling silver necklace<3

I picked out a rollerball of the Talbots perfume as well (floral, and very long lasting.).

Arriving at the store, everything was gorgeous (I love the lighting in this place.) Its a huge location with upscale clothing and accessories galore.

Customers were were greeted by a guest book signing, pelegrino, and refreshments.


Dee's in St. Matthews were part of the event to showcase their fabulous hats (seen on the mannequins above), and Hair by Benny and Friends were there to give complimentary hair touch ups and discounts on some of their hair products.


 I had a great time! Thank you to everyone who stopped out to hang out with us<3 Also a huge thank you to Talbots for inviting me to be a part of the party!

If you're interested in attending an event, they have one more coming up on April 14th. Its a wonderful opportunity to get some Derby inspiration and enjoy some beverages and snacks. Talbots is amazingly attentive, anything you're looking for they will go above and beyond to help you get the perfect outfit. It was wonderful meeting all of the nice women there!

Have you been to Talbots before?

Derby Fashion Event: April 14th, 2015. 5pm-8pm.

194 North Hurstbourne Lane
Louisville, Ky. 40222

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  1. I love your outfit! This event is so you <3 I wish I lived closer so I could have supported you! CONGRATS, HOSTESS!!