Jorgensen Studio: Local Louisville Jewelry


While browsing through Etsy (to do a feature on local artists), I came across a store that really caught my attention (I absolutely love moonstone rings, so I immediately clicked to see what else she had available.).

The more I looked, the more intrigued I became with the attention to detail in every piece. I took a look at her shop info, and seriously, its hard not to be impressed with someone that clearly loves what she does.

" I am a maker of handmade wedding rings and sets,alternative engagement rings, promise rings, commitment rings, and gemstone jewelry.
As I child I spent lots of time at Art Fairs, I was in awe of the talent and the beauty but could never afford to bring any of it home. I always thought artists were a special breed of people that were born with some special talent that sprouted forth whole. I started this journey as a potter for a hobby. Clay led to metal clay and when I found that limiting I took a metalsmithing class and then I fell in love. you see, I always thought I would be a collector and not a maker but once you find the medium that speaks to you the need to be a maker is overwhelming. When I first started working in metal I felt instantly at home. I feel very lucky to be able to fill my days doing something I love to do & I hope it shows in my work. We are all artists and we all can develop that talent that is born within all of us.
It is important to me to make things that are affordable and beautiful so that everyone can bring a piece home. Everyone deserves beauty in their lives, especially little dreamer girls wandering art fairs.

The about page goes on to explain the type of work she does and so forth... Just reading the tidbits gives me a sense of how passionate she seems about her work. I think the photos of her jewelry speak louder than anything else. Something about wearing jewelry that you know someone made with their bare hands... pretty neat! 

Here are a few other pieces that I really liked:


I think any of these would be the perfect gift for Valentine's Day! 

According to her page, she was at the Flea Off Market, so I'm curious to find out where else she sells her jewelry. Check out her shop and support local :-)

Do you have anything in mind for Valentine's Day? Who is your favorite Etsy seller?

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