Merry Christmas Eve.

For Christmas Eve, I thought it would be fun to decorate some gingerbread cookies. I stopped at Micheal's, luckily they had a sale on their gingerbread cookie kits.


The boys had fun decorating them<3 The left was made by my 8 year old, and the right was made by my 4 year old lol.

I ordered some sushi from two of my favorite sushi places (Oishii Sushi & Sushi to go). I made Ceviche and other goodies for the boys, but I needed sushi in my life.


The boys were SOO excited that their Elf (lovingly named Elf) brought them pajamas :-) (it made for nice pictures Christmas morning.)



Santa was kind enough to leave a red carpet leading to the tree, and he "accidentally" left his foot prints on it. I can't begin to tell you how happy the kids were... Christmas is such a magical time for them, I feel really blessed to be able to experience Christmas all over again through their eyes<3

Merry Christmas<3

What traditions do you do at home?

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