Dim Sum Run.


One of my best friends joined me for a quick Dim Sum run. My poor tot ended up getting sick, so we left early. But the food was pretty good! (My experience was less than stellar with the service, so I'm not going to mention the name of the place...) The Chinese Sausage rice (above) was my favorite aside from the rice rolls with pork.


The spring rolls were alright, nothing spectacular.



 These are something I order *every time* I get dim sum. It's a big steamed rice noodle (chewy texture) with a sweet pork or shrimp filling. I usually order pork, but the waitress got my order wrong. It was good none the less.

These are another favorite of mine, the har-gao or "Steamed Shrimp Dumplings". Its a rice wrapper dumpling steamed with shrimp. These honestly don't compare to the in house made ones from Chicago, but they're the closest thing I've found in Louisville. Still very filling when I get a craving! I have the recipe, maybe one of these days I'll try to make them home made.

What are your favorite Dim Sum goodies?

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