Firmoo Eyeglasses {Review}


Firmoo.Com contacted me, to see if I was interested in reviewing a pair of their eyeglasses. Coincidentally, I had been having some issues from overuse of my contacts (Apparently, I now have astigmatism, something I have never had before :( )  In the mornings, I noticed I had irritated dry eyes, and noticed a change in my vision at night. It was pretty concerning.

Anywho, the ophthalmologist recommended I get some glasses asap to give my eyes a rest. If I'm completely honest, I've always hated glasses. I've never liked how they looked on my face, and my old glasses were just so dreadfully uncomfortable! But, per my Dr.'s recommendation, I really needed to give up the contacts (at least at home), and so had perfect timing. I went online & chose my glasses & frame. The customer service was great, any questions I had, they quickly responded. I chose these ones from their site

Description per their site:
These rimless glasses are made from durable and light metal. The adjustable nose pads add extra comfort. These outstanding glasses could be wore all day long. Modified oval-shaped lenses have a suitable size for single vision correction needs. The adjustable nose pads add extra comfort. The metal wire temples are decorated with two small round metal knots on each side.

I love how light feeling they were on my face, and loved that the glasses don't look obnoxious. For someone who doesn't like wearing glasses, it's a lot to say that I actually enjoy wearing these. Its a very subtle look, especially for someone who prefers to wear something less noticeable. (on the other hand, if you're the type of person who enjoys wearing glasses, they do have some very cute options available to coordinate with your style.)

All in all my experience with Firmoo was great. Customer Service was prompt, and they were kind enough to send a case along with tools to adjust my glasses if need be. I loved the glasses they had available, but in my opinion, it would be nice to see a bigger selection (and maybe smaller sizes than what they have available, or perhaps kids sizes.) I would re-purchase from them again, and plan to very soon.

Have you tried Firmoo Glasses before?

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Thank you Firmoo for the glasses! I loved them<3

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