NYX Extreme Lip Cream XLC10 Natural Review


It is *no* secret how excited I have been that Target is carrying NYX. (fyi, the Springhurst Target Location may be getting them soon. A little bird told me that new displays were brought in last week :D) This was one of the first lippies I purchased.


 I love the color, and the applicator was very smooth (I hate cheapy rough applicators!). The color itself lasted a while, minimal reapplications were needed. The formula itself is not sticky at all! Which is good, considering inexpensive lip glosses tend to be tackier.

The gloss definitely lives up to its name! It is very creamy, and goes on very smoothly. The color looked a bit more pink on my lips. The only downside was the taste and scent. It wasn't horrible, not bad enough to make me stop using it.

All in all, I'm loving every piece I've tried from the NYX line. Makes me wonder why I've never tried them before!

What's your favorite piece from NYX?

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