St. Matthews Farmer's Market run!


The weekend before the last week of the St. Matthews farmers market (Do you hear my heart breaking?!), We stopped by to grab some goodies!

These Amish pastries were hard to pass up. I can't even begin to explain how delicious their pumpkin roll bars were. I can still taste them as I write this post. I believe it had cinnamon, pumpkin, frosting... The cake itself was very pumpkin-y, but not too sweet. The frosting gave it just the right balance.


I think the stand was run by Organic Acres? I took a picture of the sign, but it was cut off. I could make out the address though.

Organic Acres
10972 N 1150 E
Odon, IN. 47562


The breakfast burritos were so goooood. They had chorizo, cheese, eggs, salsa, beans (I ordered without.) I took it to go, and ate it in the car ;-) Every time we visit the market, I always make it a point to grab a breakfast burrito. They're addicting.


 By the time I got to the Plump Peacock Bakery, they had a lot of stuff sold out. I purchased some cheese straws, and these were alright. I kind of think these could have used more cheese in them, they tasted a bit oily. Maybe if I had eaten them with a sandwich, or as a side dish, they would have complimented a meal better? Hopefully next year I'll be able to try more of her baked goods.

The Farmer's market never dissapoints! I'm so sad I'll have to wait so long for it to open up again. It feels like fall JUST started... I'm not ready for it to end! I'm making a point to do anything and everything outdoors before to cold hits us. Do you have any fall plans this week?

St. Matthews Farmer's Market
4100 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, ky. 

Every Saturday
8:00 am to Noon
May 11 through October 12



  1. So sad that it's almost over. I'm craving sweets now, those pictures make me hungry!

  2. I love farmers' markets. I need to go more often!

    I nominated you for the sunshine award on my blog!