Challenge of the Month!

September Challenge!!

I am SET on trying to get my body toned. I love food, and diets don't work too well for me. I don't eat horribly bad, but I do love my food. My bff told me about this awesome blogger named Cassey. She's done an AMAZING job with her website, and I'm honestly SO excited to try this out. She makes it look fun! She has recipes, workout calendars, and cute workout gear in her shop. This girl has everything covered!

So for this month challenge, I'm going to start her #sweatember calendar. Its free to sign up! You just sign up for her newsletter, and she gives you a code to be able to view and follow along her workout plan.

Here's her website: Blogilates
Here's where to sign up: Sign up!

I hope you'll follow along with me. I'm excited to do this!

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