Make Up Forever Professional Eyebrow Gel Review

Makeup Forever Brow Gel Dark 

Although I love having dark hair, sometimes it can be such a pain. I hate when my hair grows back you can TOTALLY see it, and my eyebrows are no exception. I've over plucked and over waxed soooo much as a teen, I seem to have a hard time growing it back. My eyebrows are sparse, and finding a eyebrow filler (gel, powder, etc.) is tough. If I use a shade too light it looks fake, and if I use a pitch black shade (the color of my actual eyebrows), I look like a have a caterpillar on my forehead.... Not cute! So aside from considering ripping it all off and calling it a day, I walked into Sephora and asked the girls' for some help. They recommended I try the Makeup Forever Brow Gel, and I am absolutely HOOKED!

 The trick is to use only a tiny bit. Although its extremely dark, it looks really natural, and I don't have to fuss with dying my brows a ridiculous color. 


My mom bought me an Eco Friendly art kit, and I found a small angle brush. I have a flat brush in my MAC set, but it wasn't giving me the same results as an angle brush would. This worked like a charm!


It shows up pretty dark, but when you put it on sparsely you can control the color. It stayed put very well, and again, I loved how natural the color looked on me.


  • Looked natural
  • Long Lasting

  • None noted.

What's your favorite brow definer?



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