Philosophy "Angel Kiss Lip Gloss" Review

I love shopping at department stores, but honestly? It can get a little pricey! If I'm not looking for anything specific, I browse through Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Big Lots, etc. to see if I can find anything good. I was beyond thrilled when I saw Philosophy at Big Lots!!

I grabbed two pieces from Better Homes & Gardens (Dining platter & bowl, turned towel tray and facial wash bowl for my vanity haha!), a Philosophy balm for $3.00 & a Philosophy blush brush.


The blush brush is very compact, and a very soft pink. The outside feels like a soft leather.


The brush is very soft, not coarse at all.


This is my fave! Very cute little gloss compact "Angel Kiss Lip Gloss" in Pretty Please 01.




Here's the compact in natural light.


The gloss looks rather pink here, but it was so subtle when I swatched it, that it seemed pointless to even post a pic. It's very opaque & sheer. It has a hint of mint, and a very sweet scent. It is a thick gloss, but not too sticky. I was debating buying more for stocking stuffers! (Which I actually went out and bought before writing this post lol!). I'll see after a week if its dermatitis friendly and edit this post! =) 

  • Adorable packaging
  • Dermatitis friendly
  • Sheer

  • None!

Where do you look like to shop for discounted things? And what's your favorite bargain thus far?


Edit 7/2/12:

I tried this for 4 days and no skin reaction on my lips! Dermatitis friendly for me =)


  1. Great find!!! thank you for the nice review;-))

  2. very cute compact! love the colour too even though it swatches lighter