Fantasia Hair Polisher Review

I stepped into a Family Dollar, and on a whim decided to peek around some of their beauty products. Out of curiosity, I looked through the ethnic aisle, and came across a cute little clear bottle.


I've seen these before at rite aid for about $9 a bottle, but this mini 2oz version was just $1.99. It says on the bottle that it's alcohol free, contains aloe, & "REPAIRS, POLISHES AND SHINES DRY, DAMAGED HAIR."


ON DAMP HAIR: Apply 2-5 drops in palm of hand and distribute evenly through hair, style as usual.

ON DRY HAIR: After styling hair, apply 2-5 drops in palm of hand. Smooth on hair for a polished look and feel.

"Not Tested On Animals." **

After Showering, I applied about a nickel size amount on my hand, distributed evenly, and allowed my hair to air dry. This is what it looks like when I comb & air dry naturally. A lovely Brillo Pad mess haha.

I have really curly hair, so drying my hair, and combing it through is a big no no (Unless I'm straightening it, like I'm doing for this post.). If I want to keep my natural curls I had serum, scrunch, and I'm on my way. Air drying with no product isn't an option unless I'm putting my hair up.

After allowing my hair to air dry completely, I straightened my hair with my remington wet to dry straightener, and voila. Silky shiny hair!

The serum smells great, but after straightening it, you really don't smell it. After using the serum, my hair does feel incredibly silky, and very soft. You wouldn't have ever known I ever looked like a Brillo Pad mess 20 minutes prior lol.

I threw on my favorite chalcedony necklace from Etsy, and I'm ready for the County Fair! =)

  •  Made my hair feel silky.
  • Made my hair feel soft.
  • Nice scent .
  • None

What are your favorite hair products?


  1. Ahhhh I love that necklace!!!!!

    Cool product :) Talk to you soon!

    ps. check out my Tanya Kara Jewelry deal of the day !

  2. Thanks! I was debating between a blue or pick chalcedony, but I'm glad I grabbed the pink one =) I'll check it out!<3

  3. OMG, this guy does miracles - thanks for sharing the review!!!;-)))

    1. I was happy I found it! =) btw: I love your blog! So many good DIY