EOS Strawberry Sorbet

 I've always have had this huge obsession with lip glosses, even as a child. I remember how excited I'd get snooping through my mom's vanity, pretending to apply her makeup, while she was downstairs preparing dinner. Something about the pretty cases made it simple to slide right into the make believe play of princesses and fairies...

 Then I grew up, and reality set in. As much as I adore pretty packaging, the products inside are always 50x more important. As I hit adulthood, I was diagnosed with Dermatitis. Long gone are the days that I buy a product just because it looks cute. Unfortunately for me, this means thoroughly reading the ingredient list, and making sure its not going to wreak havoc on my sensitive skin.

 I first saw EOS brand in an issue of Teen Vogue. Of course, the packaging is what first caught my attention lol. I had never seen a sphere shaped gloss before! I googled EOS, found my closest Rite Aid, and I've been hooked ever since. I've tried Summer Fruit, Lemon Drop, Honey Suckle, Sweet Mint (Gave it away before trying :( ), and most recently, Strawberry Sorbet.

This is what the packaging looks like:

I LOVE that its such a pretty color, I don't mind carrying this around in my purse!

This is what it looks like outside of the box. It fits in your palm, and the outside is a smooth rubbery material.

This is what it looks like opened. It's like this solid ball of balm =) Strawberry Sorbet reminds me of the scent of strawberry starburst candy. The balm itself is very smooth, not sticky at all, but thick enough the stay on and moisturize. I can't tell you how many balms dry my lips horribly, and never seem to stay on. But this one? Not at all! The scent is pleasant, not over powering at all. It moisturizes and lasts forever! The balm is USDA certified organic (HUGE PLUS!), and is on my top favorite list. I still have yet to finish one completely, and I use them all of the time. I just can't help but buy more because they're so darned cute!

Here's an unretouched picture of the actual opened product. Cute color right? So all in all, this product is wonderful, I totally recommend it. What's your favorite go to balm? Have you tried any EOS products that you loved?


  1. Love that color too!




  2. great review! looks super cute! xx


  3. Tanya: Pink is my fave color! =)

    Alina: Thanks!<3

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  5. Thanks for the compliments and for stopping by! =)