Everybody, jump jump jump!

I know it's been almost a month since I've blogged =x I've been so busy working, & running around with my kids! I haven't gone out socially much, & most of posts have been about shopping... so maybe I should change that a bit?? Haha. I'd like to make time for socializing, (and blogging about it!) but so much is going on it's been nearly impossible. Right now I'm;
  • looking for a home.
  • looking for a new school.
  • selling a business.
  • looking for more/different jobs.
  • working on my son's therapy.
  • trying to get my baby to meet his milestones.
  • packing my apartment.
  • trying to lose weight.
  • dr appointments.
  • preparing for the holidays!
  • Christmas shopping.
  • preparing taxes.
  • cleaning & organizing.
  • participating in my son's school activities.
  • cooking & doing inventory for our store.
  • daily chores.

The list goes on, & ALL while breastfeeding a baby on the go. =x halp!

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed! But I think we're just transitioning for the next stage in our lives. I'll just be happy to finally be settled & have our own home :D

Let's just hope I don't die in the process lol. Anyways, here's the thing that keeps me energized! Its Gold's Gym Brand (not an endorsement Disclosure.) and I purchased it at Walmart for less then $30.

It's not the prettiest thing haha (I'm trying to find time to sew a pink cover =x). I use it while watching tv....when I get a breather. I wanted to try Zumba, but until then, this is by far the most fun indoor exercise I've experienced. (with the exception of swimming :P) It's easy peasy, takes up minimal space, & it's fun. What else could I ask for? If only I could get my Tot to stop attempting to build his Mickey mouse train on it! Mama needs her home, so I can have a room to myself =)

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