Sunday Bliss.

Before we stepped out for our day, my Tot picked me yet another flower (MY HEART!)...


  We stopped at whole foods to grab an early lunch, and I got my usual Salmon & Tuna Nigiri, inside out rolls, & Izze (apple & Peach) pops.


  Tot opted for a Veggie Pizza (soooo delicious), and a horizon chocolate milk.

He wanted a dessert, so we bought a mini pumpkin cheesecake (Meh, I like pumpkin pie better.)

Cannolis! These were alright. My all time favorite, by far, is the tirramissu.With the exception from the tirramissu from Bucca Di beppo. Now THAT is something to get excited about haha.
At the check out lane I grabbed some trick or treat re-usable bags for .99 cents. Can't beat that! 


It was such a nice peaceful day. Fall is my FAVORITE season. I love sharing it with my kids.

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