Happy Birthday!

Today is my baby's very first birthday! I remember feeling so blissful that he was finally born, & our little family was complete<3

We had plans to go to a festival & zoo, but hubs got home too late. We ended up going to toys r us to let the boys pick out toys they wanted. I *was* going to buy a Hello kitty squinkies machine, but then I reminded myself I'm 25, not 5. My Hello Kitty obsession needs to stop at actual toys. Lol! I did grab some key chains and candy =x (Baby got some toys for his birthday, & Tot for his happy NON birthday haha.)

Afterwards, we went to Shogun's for sushi & hibachi. I can never get enough of this place!

Writing this I'm still thinking about that damn squinkie toy. One of these days I'm going to be featured on a hoarders special. It will be one where I almost drowned in hello kitty crap =x

If I don't find anything tomorrow at the market I'll probably go back and buy that squinkie toy. I think it'll look nice on my desk... Either that or these glittered hooker shoes I saw at burlington coat factory. Classsssy! =x

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