Over the weekend I decided to take the kids to visit my parents, & luckily my grandmother & aunt were visiting as well! Aside from the quality time spent with my grandma, her food is absolutely the highlight of any visit! Such a treat... I remember visiting in her home as a child, waking up to rice & hot homemade tortillas. Those reminiscent smells still linger in my thoughts when I think back to my childhood. This time she made tortillas and a "cheese soup".

After devouring every bit of her food, we all decided to take a walk through their garden. I'd love to post more pictures of their home, but I think I'm going to ask them permission before I do. I'll upload them to flickr ;-)

Here are their gorgeous red chilies growing under the pergola. Their garden is absolutely amazing! All of their veggies are either on raised stone beds, or on raised stone beds under pergolas. In between each bed, there are antique brick pathways adorned with roses, day lilies, bearded irises, & the list goes on! I'm so proud of the work they've done to their home. I hope one day to achieve what parents have.

Here's a pic of one of the last rose bushes still on bloom. They looked so pretty, it looked almost fake haha.
I love walking around outside their home during fall. Reminds of the secret garden! Brings out the child in me for sure, nature is just so beautiful.

♥Land Of La La♥

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