Bourbon Beauty: Bridge Counseling & Wellness - Be Body Positive Series with Sammy-Jo

Bridge Counseling and Wellness is hosting a body positive series! This sounds like fun, I can't wait to partake.

Per their website:

As a society, we have been fed a whole lot of nonsense in regards to our bodies and for the most part, that nonsense was fed to us so that someone else could profit from our unending dissatisfaction. And that’s not cool.

But the truth of it is that we can be healthy and beautiful no matter what our bodies look like!

We don’t need to be magazine cover skinny to experience joy, we don’t need to have permanently clear skin to feel a deep connection to others and we most definitely do not need to be able bodied, or of a certain age, race or gender to know what it feels like to love.

The fact that we have bodies at all means that we get to experience life on Earth as humxns and that’s pretty epic and cool.
So we invite you to join Bridge Wellness and Sammy-Jo Hand for this gentle yet transformative (and most likely super fun) 4-week Be Body Positive experience!

Each week will weave together movement, breath-work, meditation and certain body positivity practices. All are welcome. All are celebrated. You don’t need to have prior experience, simply an open mind.

Tuesday August 13th – 7-9pm Authentic Beauty and How to Reclaim our Bodies
Tuesday August 20th –  7-9pm Health at Every Size
Tuesday August 27th  – 7-9pm Self-Love & Intuitive Self-Care
Tuesday September 3rd  – 7-9pm Pleasure, Shame, and Intuitive Sexuality
Drop-in for just one or join us for all 4, it’s totally up to you!
One session: $45
All 4: $160
Sliding scale available to those who cannot afford the suggested rate. Please reach out to us for further details. 

Which class are you interested in? 

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