Bourbon Beauty: Best Autism Friendly Businesses (and products!) in Louisville for 2017 Part 1.

Every time I get together with other mom's with special needs children, the one topic that always comes up, are recommendations for our kids. New places, new therapies, its always a subject that never gets old. I decided to round our favorite places for 2017!

None of these companies listed below were aware of my post, nor was I compensated for this page. As always, these suggestions are my 100% honest opinion. If you believe other local companies deserve a shout out, feel free to let me know! I'd be happy to make a continuous list of suggestions to help other parents in Louisville.

Best Grocery: Walmart
I know... I know... of all of the specialty, beautiful organic stores... WALMART? Just hear me out! I think any mom knows the difficulties of taking little ones to the grocery store. Sometimes the noises, and chaos of a busy place can be extremely overwhelming for a child with special needs. When kids grow out of the seat in the metal carts, it makes it difficult to walk around and do your shopping... But Walmart has these awesome carts you can ask for, where even bigger kids can sit while you push them around! My 11 year old still sits comfortably in the plastic seat while I do my grocery shopping. I don't have to worry about him wandering off while I inspect fruits I'm bagging :-) (Sometimes efficiency outweighs aesthetics, and this moment is one of them! I don't know what I would do without those carts.)

Best Kids Gym: Sky Zone
My son LOVES Sky zone. Sky zone is a trampoline park located in the East End. During our occupational therapy sessions, we've learned that my son feels SO much better after doing "crashing" exercises. It calms and centers him when he's stimming, or overstimulated. The trampoline park is clean, friendly, and even has an area to snack after you're done with your jumping!

Best Pool: Home of the Innocents.
I couldn't believe the hidden gem this is! Home of the innocence offers discounted private swimming lesson rates through FEAT of Louisville. They also offer swim therapy sessions (their administration and staff are SO friendly and sweet). Aside from the friendly faces we have met, we LOVED their salt water indoor HEATED pool. I secretly wish I could've snuck in for a swim.

Best Pediatrician: Dr. Laura White/Future Hope Pediatrics.
I literally went though SEVEN pediatricians (possibly more? I've lost count) before we landed here. Dr. Laura White is a very very sweet woman, and is very understanding of our needs. I personally prefer minimal use of antibiotics and medicines whenever possible, and she's very supportive! I feel like she really listens to any concerns I have, and all of her staff is very kind. I've actually written a post about her here, a wonderful cause very close to her heart.

Best Dental Location: Solstice Dentistry
This is a new one, but still best of 2017! Solstice Dentistry has an awesome transition plan, to help ease the anxiety of the dentist. I've written a couple posts about Dr. Manning, and her wonderful practice here. She's very sweet, and extremely understanding of transitioning due to special sensory needs. I HIGHLY recommend her practice. She's officially an Autism Friendly certified business in Louisville per FEAT of Louisville! Congrats.

Best Skin Care: Lush Cosmetics
Bath time can be a fun experience, but sometimes it can be an overwhelming experience with kiddos who have sensory disorders (very common with children on the spectrum). Lush cosmetics carry these amazing bath bombs (full of color and bubbles!) that turn a scary bath, into a fun sensory experience. My son suffers from eczema (also oddly a symptom that is common with Autism), and the natural ingredients in Lush products have been very soothing!

Where are your favorite places for your kiddos in Louisville?

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