Future hope.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like, to not know where your next food source came from? Maybe wondered what it was like to go to school? Wondered what it was like to have parents? Chances are, you probably haven't thought much of those questions, because you are fortunate enough to have never stepped foot in an orphanage. You've probably attended school, and I do pray that everyone reading this post has never had to worry about food.

Uganda is located in East Africa, about the size of Kentucky and Tennessee. In the late 19th century, Uganda was colonized by the British, but independence was granted in 1962. Uganda was sadly marked by brutality and turmoil during their early years of independence. Despite that, fortunately, the Government has been stable roughly the last 20 years.

One of the youngest nations on the Earth, Uganda has about 30 million people. The median age is around 15 years old. 50% of the population is at least 15 years old or younger.

Uganda has sadly been ravaged by civil wars, disease, and extreme poverty. 190,000 million children currently live with HIV, and 1.2 million have been orphaned by AIDS. 10% of the population are orphans, that's roughly 2.7 million children. (I could cry at the thought.)

29% of the population live below the international poverty line, making about $1.25 US Dollars per day. And the shocker? The cost of living mimics that of the United States.

Those statistics are alarming to say the least. The fact that as I am writing this, while my children are warm, fed, asleep in their beds... its just heartbreaking.

My Pediatrician (Dr. Laura White), has this amazing story. (Check it out here!) Her and her family are on a mission to help the children of Uganda. Not only has she/her family lovingly adopted children from Uganda, they've built a school to give children an opportunity for a better life. Their devotion and love for this cause is beyond amazing. I would be lucky to be able to teach my children 1% of the compassion that this family has shown.

They have several ways to help<3 You could donate here, Sponsor a child here, or you could make a purchase here.

When I went to my sons' last appointment, I checked out their little store located in their office.


 They carried beautiful handmade pieces from Uganda.


These are newspaper pieces that were made into glass beads. 


Gorgeous colors, lots of variety<3

http://loveuganda.storenvy.com/products/12034424-long-multi-colored-bead-necklace   http://loveuganda.storenvy.com/products/12034037-pink-bead-necklace

I purchased one of the multi-color strands, but I think I want the pink one too. I had such a hard time choosing! Not only do these one of a kind pieces go to such a wonderful cause, they make gorgeous statement necklaces.

(I was not compensated at all, nor do they know I am writing this post. This is purely a great cause that I felt needed help.)

To learn more about this wonderful cause, check out their website.

I'll have a direct link located on my side bar<3

Check them out on Instagram & Twitter.

**This information was collected from their website. Statistics were made available by UNICEF & UNIAIDS**

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