Tony Moly Fruit Princess Lip Gloss 

I've always been obsessed with Asian beauty products, so when I received my package of goodies from prettyandcute, you can imagine my excitement. I was very psyched out to try a few Tony Moly products, I've written a review of their peach lotion here.

The packaging is super adorable, and I love how unique the pieces look. 
(Tony Moly: Apricot Princess)

 I can't with the cuteness lol. I'm such a sucker for pink and cute items!

Here is a swatch of the gloss, its a milky-nude color (which I don't like my glosses to have color in it, so nude was perfect to me.) It has a peach scent, which I loved. As far as the gloss goes, I thought it was a little too runny for me, and really didn't have much staying power. But, it was a lovely sheer hue, and I loved the peach scent (plus its cute to carry in my purse and on my vanity.). All in all, I think it makes for a cute piece as far as aesthetics goes, and could work well for layering on top of a sheer lip color. In comparison to other Tony Moly lip products I've tried, I wouldn't say it wasn't my favorite. It is adorable though!

This lip gloss comes in different scents/flavors/colors:

  • Strawberry Princess
  • Plum Princess
  • Mangosteen Princess
  • Apricot Princess
  • Pomegranate Princess
  • Cherry Princess
  • Apple Princess

What are your favorite Tony Moly products?

 After ordering and seeing how much I loved these products, I decided to become an affiliate with pretty and Although I am now an affiliate, I purchased these products with my own money. As always, I promise that my reviews and content are 100% my own opinions, and any affiliations with this company will not compromise my own opinions. Fyi, there are Affiliate links through out my post :-)

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  1. I've never heard of Tony Moly but I'm going to buy ASAP!