Bourbon Beauty: Mini Bathroom Fridge (Beauty Post!)

While in the shower, I was thinking about beauty posts that I wanted to write up. In the middle of my shower, I forgot that I needed my face mask. I reached over, and pulled it out of my little refrigerator on my counter. My first thought was "I'm glad I remembered to place it in there, and didn't have to run cold & naked to my kitchen to pull it out of my fridge." (running out freezing cold in the middle of my hot shower is a pain in the butt, ruins any relaxing moment I had lol.). Then I thought, "Hey! maybe I should write about the convenience of this..."

So alas, here's the blog post instead of my beauty DIY :-)

I tend to do a lot of face masks and diy's at home. When you do all natural diy's, they don't typically contain any chemicals or preservatives to help protect them from going bad (like store purchased ones would). When you make face masks with perishable things (like mashed fruits, veggies, etc.), its important to keep these items refrigerated to keep them safe to use. They don't keep forever, but the shelf life is extended by a few days before you need to toss them away.

Keeping them in the kitchen really isn't too much of a hassle, but it if you're like me, I always forget to grab these items before my shower :( I end up running to my kitchen, rummaging for my bottles of goodies, and then resuming my shower. Not fun.

A few years ago, my hubs went out and got me this mini hello kitty fridge. Its been perfect to store all of my homemade face masks! Its super cute, and it keeps all of my beauty products within easy reach for my bath time or night time beauty routine.

When I went on my first trip to lush, and I was pleasantly surprised to know that their products are so natural, some of them even need refrigeration to keep them fresh (I was amazed to find fresh healthy options for my skin.)! Mini fridges are perfect for these sorts of items that you'd rather not keep in the kitchen.

Not only is it great for face masks/scrubs, but I also find it handy for:

Setting Sprays (Feels very cooling to spray over or under my makeup.)
Perfume (Feels cooling as well.)
DIY Sprays (I use apple cider vinegar, and spray it into cotton balls for a toner.)
Facial Toners
Eye drops (Cooling effect on irritated eyes)
Medicines (some pills & certain birth control need to be kept cool. Easier to remember to take before bed!)

I've read people even put their foundations in there for the cooling effect & preservation. I personally find it *too* cold on my face. Also, I don't know if that does anything to the oxidation process (perhaps changing the color until it warms up on my face?). If I'm in a rush, I don't have time to see if the color is going to warm up, or how my contouring is going to look in comparison to my cold foundation.

If I have products that don't fit in it, I just pour it into little spray bottles so it fits in my fridge :-)

If Hello Kitty isn't your thing, I did find a few on Ebay, Amazon, & Target as well. Just google Portable mini fridge.

This is really a splurge product, not really something out of necessity... but, it really does help me to keep everything in one spot. Its just inconvenient to keep things I need in another room. Would you keep a little fridge in your bathroom? I read that this is very popular in Asian countries (I thought I was a weirdo for keeping something like this!)

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