The Flea Off Market in Louisville, Ky.


I love flea markets, but every time The Flea Off Market started up, I was never able to make it. I was lucky enough to catch it this summer, and I loved every bit of it.


The first thing that attracted me to this market, were the food trucks. I always see on Twitter & Instagram the pictures of all of the food trucks. (writing this is making me HUNGRY just thinking about it.)


They had a neat little area set up for dining. It was SUPER hot and humid, but the food made it well worth it.


We took a stroll around the trucks to scope out what they had, I hadn't tried Grind Kitchen before, so I gladly bought some Grind burgers for the boys and I.


Grind Burger Kitchen was really good. They Mexican cokes in glass bottle available, but I just grabbed some canned ones.


You can order your burgers rare, medium, or well done. They were delicious! They were cheesy and moist. (commence mouth watering lol.)


I walked around to do some shopping. I had both boys with me, so it was a little difficult to talk to vendors (It was so hot! Poor little guys. They just wanted to keep moving around so as not to stay under the sun :( ). This vendor had beautiful pillows, scarves, and tanks for sale. I was on a mission to find antiques... had it not been for that, I would have bought a tank.




There were tons of jewelry and trinkets available. I saw vintage purses, home decor, vintage toys... you name it, it was there!



 This is what I came home with :-) A woman had this beautiful antique Asian necklace. 


I'll probably pair this with a white tank and skinny jeans. I don't know why, but the tiny character on it caught my attention.


I bought these adorable aluminum cups, to use as vases for my bathroom. Another vendor had more of them, but she wouldn't sell individual ones (unless I bought them as a set.). They were all mismatched colors, so I wouldn't buy mismatching cups (even if thats how they are supposed to be.). Everything in my home has to be matched & even. I'm very OCD about that, lol. Too bad, I was willing to pay for one cup what she wanted for the whole set ha.


 I'm not familiar with the brand, but I saw some on Etsy, they seem popular. I'm in love with the color<3



These were an interesting find. I was trying to find little mint julep cups to put flowers in, but I've had no luck. I came across these cute little cups from India, close enough! They're pretty tarnished, and I couldn't make out any engravings when I was looking at them. The woman offered me $10 for the set, so I bought them :-) I figured even without markings, there was a chance they could be brass, or silver plated. I wish I knew what their intended use is for.


This is one that I cleaned up. I tried using ketchup to remover tarnish, but it didn't work. I used Tarnx which was better, but it still has splotches on it. I could leave as is, or try to find another way to clean them up. I thought they were cute! They'll be gracing a window sill soon.

My first time at the Flea Off Market was amazing. Ton's of fun, food, and shopping :-) there's a little bit for everyone!

The Flea Off Market
1007 East Jefferson
Louisville, Ky.

Its typically the first weekend of every month, next one is Friday Sept. 5th. @ 10:00am.

Here's their Facebook.
Here's their Twitter.

Grind Burger Kitchen
3311 Preston Hwy
Louisville, Ky.

Have you been to The Flea Off Market before? I had tons of fun.

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