Tazo {Organic} Jasmine Green Tea Review



While walking around Lucky's Market, I was looking through their chilled drinks. I came across a Tazo Tea (I recognized the name from Starbucks), that was labeled Jasmine Green. I was little hesitant, because as much as I enjoy home brewed green tea, I have yet to find a chilled store version that I enjoy. An employee told me that they were on sale, (their weekly flyer sales **double** over on Wednesdays. In other words, anything on sale from the week prior, remains on sale on Wednesday, while the sales for the next week begins. AWESOME deals!!) so I grabbed a few, with dried bananas and Ciabatta Bread. (I made some awesome sammies from it.).

At first sip, I was like what in the world is this? It tasted like perfume lol, I was seriously a little thrown off because it was unexpected. After a few sips, I *really* began to enjoy it. Letting the taste linger, it was like I was drinking the scent of Jasmine! It has such a refreshing aroma filled flavor, I rushed back and grabbed 5 more bottles of this stuff!


I think I'm an oddball when it comes to scents and flavors. I can't get enough of floral scents in foods and drinks, and if you're the type of person that prefers deeper more complex flavors, I highly suggest this tea for you. This is a new favorite for me  ♥ → ☕ Love.

Have you had Tazo Teas before?

I grabbed this tea at:

Lucky's Market
200 N Hurstbourne Pkwy
Louisville, Ky. 40222


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