Things to do in Chicago! 5 days till The Makeup Show!

Have you guys bought your tickets to The Makeup Show Chicago yet? I'm so psyched. Only 5 days left, and counting down to some fun. If you're already going to be in Chicago, I'm sure you're trying to figure out where to go, what to do? As a former Chicagoan myself, I thought it would be fun to give a few fun places I think might be worth seeing while you're out there.

If you're going to Chicago, the #1 thing you need to try out is the FOOD.
  1. Try a Polish Sausage at Jim's Original! Chicago is notorious for their Polish sausages. They used to be on Maxwell street when I lived there, but they moved. Try out their Bone in Pork Chop Sandwiches (with caramelized grilled onions) as well, my favorite.<3
  2. Check out China Town! They have some of the cutest little shops FULL of culture and food. My favorite authentic restaurant is Three Happiness. (Make sure to bring your parking ticket to validate it!)
  3. Want some bomb fried seafood? (I think I might forgo my diet for this one!) I recommend Lawrence's Fisheries on on Canal St. If you like seafood, I promise this will *not* disappoint.
  4. Have you had Italian lemonade before? Mario's Italian Lemonade, is like lemonade on crack. You need some in your life.
  5. I've heard a lot about Eataly, but I've never been! I'll be trying it for sure<3 (Italian)
  6. Want good Mexican food, this one is hard one since there are SO many places to choose from. I recommend El Milagro Taqueria (Hole in the wall, My late grandfather's favorite), and Nuevo Leon.
  7. Italian Beef Sandwiches at Portillos. Delicious! Awesome warm Italian Beef sandwiches drenched in their Au Jus sauce and melty provolone cheese & sweet peppers. To. Die. For.
I was trying to bust my head trying to think of an awesome pizza joint, but truth is, I don't like any of them in Down Town Chicago haha. I have yet to try a deep dish I love. I have some favorite places way in the suburbs up north, but that's like a 40 minute drive, and I doubt that will be on anyone's itinerary.

  1.  If you're new to Chicago, the Magnificent mile is a must. Tons of upscale shopping (think Tiffany's), very nice to window shop and people watch.
  2. Are you a Mean Girls fanatic? Visit the famous Old Orchard Mall in Skokie, and take a picture by the fountain :-)
  1. Navy Pier
  2. Lake Michigan Beaches
  3. Wrigleyville (Bar hopping fun!)
  1. Chicago Food Truck Fest
  2. Fiesta Back of the Yards
  3. Rib Fest Chicago
What's on your list of to do after The Makeup Show?

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