Old Louisville Spring-Fest

I think it was about a week or so after Derby, hubs and I took our boys to Spring Fest in Old Louisville.
I wasn't sure if I was going to blog about it (it was a fun, yet small event), but I figured I would pop it in here.

They had live music which was very interesting...lol.

They had a few stops for food, I tried the "Chicken on a Stick" Pad Thai Noodles & Crab Ragoon.

If I'm being completely honest, I really thought this was going to taste like regular junk fair food. But I was blown away by the noodles. The sauce was actually really good. (But I was super hungry....)


My son had to have his lemon shake up. He's a mini foodie<3

I was excited to try little Lil Cheezers. I follow them on Twitter, and always see people tweeting pictures and their next stop.

My son had the "Legalize Marinara" (heh), and he loved it. He finished every last crumb.

He also grabbed a corn on the cob (I have no idea how he managed to eat so much!!)

The corn was great, very sweet. Although, I will admit I wish they offered the Mexican version of "Elotes" with mayo, cheese, lime and chile powder. I guess I'll have to stick to making it at home as usual. Future Recipe post?

They had some tents for shopping, but unfortunately they were packing up as we were arriving. I was pretty disappointed because they still had about 1.5 hours until they were supposed to close. I had over heard a vendor say they weren't supposed to pack up yet, but everyone else was... that was kind of a bummer. Oh well. Aside from that, it looked like people were having fun. My parents' friends were at a booth there, and they were sweet enough to give the boys some balloons<3 We had a good time! Next time I want to try their bourbon slushies.

What festivals are you checking out this summer?

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