Ramps From Rainbow Blossom & Fox Hollow Farm


I'm not sure why, maybe because I wasn't looking hard enough, or maybe I just didn't know *where* to look? Either way, I finally found these delicious goodies. Ramps.

If you don't know what a ramp is, its basically a Wild Leek, that is only found during the spring time. I've seen them everywhere, online, all over foodie websites, and Instagram, twitter, but I've never had the opportunity to try them, until now.

I don't remember if it was Twitter or Instagram that tipped me off, but one of the social media accounts from Fox Hollow Farm showed some pictures of ramps that were going to be available at Rainbow Blossom. I. was. psyched.

I ran to the Rainbow Blossom Location on Bardstown Rd., and unfortunately that wasn't the location that had it. I drove like 30 minutes away lol, dummy me should've checked the location. I looked up the other location, and ended up going to the one in St. Matthews. BLISS

This place was HUGE in comparison to the one on Bardstown Rd., the people were so incredibly friendly, and the best part? I found my ramps. I was in heaven.

On Fox Hollow Farm's Instagram, they wrote about how they needed help for their "rampage" to harvest ramps. I was sad I couldn't go, but hopefully I can get in touch with them to see what else they have available and check out their place! (I love locally farmed foods and veggies, closer to home the better.)

When I took the ramps home, I cleaned them up, and separated the onions from their stems.




I separated the ramp bulbs to make pickled ramps (a post for later.), and used a single bulb for a frittata & the rest of the ramp leaves to make greens. They tasted fabulous!

Taken on my iphone sorry so grainy!

The Frittata was so easy to make, and the tastiest one I've made at that. I buttered a pan, and pre-heated the oven to 375 degrees for about 10 minutes. I whisked 6 eggs, and mixed in a handful of spinach, and single minced ramp, 4 slices each of deli ham and turkey, and a slice of Sargento Cheddar Cheese. I put a bit of salt to season, and poured it into the buttered pan. I then threw it into the oven for about 15 minutes (Waited for the middle to kind of pop up :-)) and it was done! So cheesy and delicious.

I also made some greens, which were even more delicious! I took a picture on my phone, but the pictures turned out horribly :( I should've taken the pictures on my real camera before eating them, oops. 


 The Greens were so easy to make. I threw them on top of cheeseburgers with roasted red bell peppers. I even had them as a side dish to eggs I made the next morning. They were so easy to make, I really don't think a full recipe is needed. I just preheated the oven to 375 degrees, placed the greens (1 ramp bunch full), 3 tablespoons of ghee (Ghee is Indian clarified butter, but regular butter would be fine), a splash of Sherry Cooking Wine, and salt to season. I cooked it until the greens were wilted (about 7-10 minutes??) and voila! They were absolutely delicious on top of hamburgers, I can only imagine on top of a steak, or other meat.

Ham & Ramps Frittata Recipe 

6 Fresh Farm Eggs
A handful of Spinach
4 slices Deli Ham (I used Oscar Meyer)
4 slices Deli Turkey (I used Oscar Meyer)
1 slice (torn into pieces) Sargento Sharp Cheddar Cheese (I'd suggest to use more!)
1 minced ramp bulb
1 pad Amish Butter
Salt to season

Pre-heat your 375 degrees. Butter an over proof pan, set aside. In a bowl, whisk your 6 eggs. Next, mix in the Spinach, Ham, Turkey, Cheese, Ramp. Give it a good mix, add a bit of salt to season (I used about a teaspoon) and throw into the oven for about 15 minutes. (Continually check it after 10 minutes to make sure it doesn't burn.)

Have you had Ramps before?

Rainbow Blossom (St. Matthews Location)
3738 Lexington Rd.
Louisville,Ky. 40207

890 Kentucky 329
Crestwood, Ky 40014

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  1. So many people have been talking about ramps lately and I've never ever ever ever seeeeeen them. It's official, I'm jealous of you guys in KY!