Fashion First Aid Kit Review 

As the weather changes, so do our wardrobes. Spring & summer typically means lighter clothing & cuter shoes. During the fall & winter, I feel like I get a free pass to use boots. I love my brown knee high boots, & will happily wear them throughout both of cooler the seasons.

During spring & summer, as much as I'd love to wear heels (Its rare I wear them, so I probably look like a newborn deer waddling around...), it just doesn't make sense. I have a 3 year old that I'm constantly running around for, as well as a special needs 7 year old, that will dart off in a moments notice. Sexy heels are fun, but realistically, I have to stick to something that makes sense. I love the comfort of tennis shoes, but they don't really match my skinny jeans (Of course safety first, so if I have no other choice, tennis shoes are ON. But if I can find something that is safe and stylish, I'm all for it!). Flip flops are okay (even though those can be iffy), so flats are typically the only thing left that are stylish enough to wear, & yet safe enough for chasing after my little ones.
Sexy huh?

The only downside to using flats, is that they give me horrible blisters! Regardless if I purchase them the right size, too loose, or snug, it almost always results in the same thing. They rub my heels raw! I've tried everything, I use thin sleek socks/cover ups, put band-aids on my heels, place band-aids on the inside of the heels, and regardless, I always end up readjusting it constantly, or dealing with sore skin later on.

Fashion First Aid was kind enough to send me a kit to take a look at, and I'm pretty impressed. Not only is this great to have on a daily basis, it's now available at Peacock Boutique throughout Derby, so it would be an awesome little kit to discretely carry around throughout the Derby festivities :-) Here's a picture of what is inside:


It includes: Garment Guards to prevent (embarrassing) visible underarm sweat marks, Wundercover to prevent/hide ugly blisters, Quick Fix Sticks fashion tape to mend hems - fix gapes, rips and more, a Pocksie adhesive instant pocket to keep cash and cards safe (great if you'd prefer to leave your purse at home) and White Collar Grime adhesive interior hat protectors to save your beautiful Derby hat from makeup, sweat and grease.

This is my favorite piece! I can tear it on the perforations, 
and place it so the shoes doesn't rub on my skin. honestly, a
great fix for my flats issue.

 I looked on their site to see what they had available, and it's neat, because you can search via the problem you need a fix to. (Its funny and refreshing to see how brutally honest they are about common problems lol. I giggled at some of the titles they had.)                     

As I mentioned earlier in this post, its available at Peacock Boutique, now throughout Derby.

Peacock Boutique
2828 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206

Looking for more info on Fashion First Aid?

Check out & follow their:


I stuck a quick link on my side bar for you guys, so its easy to click on later on if you need it :-)

Do you guys ever have any beauty or fashion blunders you need quick fixes to?

Fashion First Aid was kind enough to gift me their kit to take a look at. As usual, I promise to give my honest opinion.


  1. Yes, tons of them, so I need this kit!!

    1. These pieces were so much more practical than anything I've tried.