Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Over the weekend we headed over to the St. Patrick's Day parade in the highlands. I had read online it was best to get there at 2:00PM, (I think we arrived at like 2:30??) but it wasn't as jammed packed as I thought it would be. We found a parking spot in one of the side streets, about 5 blocks away maybe? It was such a gorgeous day, it was a nice walk.


We found this little "lady" hanging around on a pole. I really didn't read the paper lol, but from what I can see it was a clever advertisement from Dillard's for the derby. You find all kinds of cool stuff in the highlands, its very much an "artsy" atmosphere.


Here's my little one, they received a hat and temporary tattoos from Jameson Irish Whiskey. Writing this now, I think I totally forgot to remove the temp tattoo before he went to school this morning. He had his bath, but I don't remember checking if the soap and water removed it from his hand?? lol.Greaaat.


I loved the Kosair's "Float"! It was like an electronic twirling hat with lights. My youngest has a mock hat, and he reminds me of those little circus monkeys when he uses it haha. I can't wait until he's older and incredibly embarrassed by all of the pictures I have. =X

If you ever have time, I really recommend heading out to the highlands for a day out. They have TONS of fun eats, and stores, and quirky things going on. It was a great time! I only wish they had a festival following the parade. That's something someone in Louisville needs to create. IRISH FEST!!

What did you do for St. Patrick's Day Festivities?

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  1. What a fun event, I'm glad you guys had a great time. This area reminds me of Mt. D! Also, I totally LOLed when you described your youngest and that hat.... oh em geee!