Biscoff Cookie Spread & Pepperidge Farm Italian Bread

 It probably sounds rather odd that I'd review bread. I almost didn't, but considering how much I LOVE this stuff, I felt the need. Before Hostess went out of business, (I think that's what happened, I really don't know the details, only that Twinkies stopped selling, and their bread isn't available in my area anymore :( ) I used to buy Butternut bread. I'm a huge bread lover. If I didn't have time to stop by the bakery for fresh bread, I used to grab Butternut bread by Hostess. Sadly, I can't find it anymore! I've tried so many different varieties, and nothing compares to the taste and texture of that specific brand! I love fresh Italian and french loaves, but they harden so quickly, it doesn't last nearly as long as bagged bread, and its useless by the time I need it for school sandwiches. While shopping at Krogers, I saw this Pepperidge Farm loaf, and decided to give it a try.


I know it probably looks like an ordinary slice of bread, but honestly, I don't even miss my precious Butternut anymore! =x I could easily sit on the couch, open a fresh baked Italian loaf, and eat all of the white fluff from the inside. This is EXACTLY what that tastes like. Only, instead of a huge loaf, you get it conveniently sliced up. It's ridiculously soft and plump. I promise its unlike anything I've tried bagged at the store. There's another brand that carries Italian bagged bread, but it doesn't compare to this.

There's a popular "Cookie" spread by another company made out of ginger bread I think. I had read so many reviews, and I thought it was alright... but once I tried this stuff, I'm hooked! I actually prefer it. Its made out of crushed cookies and turned into a spread, they have both a crunchy version, and smooth. I love it on Italian bread, and if it weren't for the diet I'm on, I'd probably be eating this daily =x I've seen Biscoff available at Target and Krogers, but Target carries it for a tad less inexpensive.

Have you tried Biscoff spread before? What's your favorite brand of bread?


  1. Ugh, Biscoff is one of my favorites. Personally, I love fresh pan Cubano. In South FL, we had easy access to heaven, but not anymore. I really have no business eating Biscoff or bread. Recently, I tried Walmart's fresh artisan bread, that was pretty good. The next time I decide to make sandwiches, I'll get this!

    1. Their artisan bread is pretty good. I went to Panera for the first time not to long ago, OMG their bread was so delicious. I wonder how good bread would turn out home made? I've never made it before.

  2. I've never made it on my own, but when I was younger, my stepmom had a bread maker. She went to town on that thing and I swear, it was the best bread ever..even the "plain" white kind! Plus, us kids always wanted to be involved with the process! It should be simple, I think you just dump the ingredients and the bread maker does all the work before you bake it.