Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Nude Eyes for any Eye Color

I have a hard time finding a liner for my eyebrows. I have pitch black hair, so if I use a brown it looks red, and if I use a black color, looks like I sharpied my eyebrows.... not cute. The darker colors work perfectly with my super dark hair.

While glancing around for eyeshadow palettes, I came across this pretty one by Physicians formula.

I love the nude colors (I stick with nude! Anything too bright or bold makes me look much younger, or over done.) Its very well pigmented, lots of shimmer, and perfect for a smokey eye. I love this palette so much, I purchased two!

For anyone who suffers from dermatitis, this eyeshadow worked great, no bad reaction at all!

Whats your favorite drugstore eyeshadow pallet?

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