Easy Pizza Bread Recipe

Easy and cooking are two words matched in heaven! Eating out gets pricey, but homemade also means pain the butt. I found an easy way to do pizza bread, and the kids love it!

Pizza Bread

Jar of your favorite marinera sauce (I love Ragu Sweet Basil)
Your favorite veggies, sliced thin (I love jarred mushrooms, fresh bell peppers, black olives.)
4 cups of your favorite shredded cheese. (You could get away with less, but I LOVE cheese, I use Mozzarella)
A few slices of your favorite deli meat chopped up. I prefer ham, and roast turkey.
2 Italian bread loaves

Turn on your broiler, low heat.

Halve lengthwise both of your bread loaves, and place them onto a baking pan/sheet. Add your tomato sauce, cheese, deli meat, and veggies. 

Place your pizza bread into the hot oven (carefully!!) then turn your broiler up to high heat. Bake for 5 minute intervals checking on the bread. It took about 10 minutes to get my bread the cheese completely melted.

What's your favorite easy recipe?

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