Milani Crystal Gloss For Lips Hush-Hush


Years ago, I remember purchasing a Milani gloss on a whim. I LOVED how shimmery it was, and I don't know why I've never purchased one since...

While at the store, I grabbed this along with an eyeshadow (Gold is my go to during the fall), and I love it! Its a beautiful color.



It has a sponge applicator, which works pretty well to distribute the color. Sometimes, I find sponges make it harder to apply, but it wasn't bad.


The gloss itself is smooth, a little thick, and has a pleasant scent. It kind of smells a bit fruity, although I can't really pin point what scent it is.

  • Cute bottle
  • Pretty color
  • Long Lasting
  • Nice Sweet Scent
  • None noted.

What are your favorite Milani Shades?

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