Eucerin Smoothing Repair Lotion


I have been meaning to write about this lotion for a while now.  I found it while rummaging through my overloaded cosmetic bin... I *really* need to start using up my stuff before running out and buying more!

Anyways, if you read my blog, you probably know that I have a very mild form of atopic psoriasis. A lot of products can easily flare up my skin, so I have to be very careful with anything I use. Typically I try to go an all natural route, but after testing this lotion out, I think I found something that actually works.

During the winter, my skin gets SUPER dry. The dry air & hot showers (plus I don't drink a lot of water, oops.) really aggravate my sensitive skin. Shaving doesn't seem to help much either :(

I don't care for thick lotions, but I find that putting them right after a shower/shaving, really helps it soak in, and I feel less product sitting on my skin. After 3 days of using, I found my irritation disappearing, and my skin stopped feeling so uncomfortable!

It basically has no scent (which is good because most fragrances contain alcohol.), and it feels really soothing. Best of all, I didn't have any bad reactions with it (I only used it on my body, not my face.).

I *really* recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin, or super dry skin this winter<3 I'm honestly pretty glad I happened to grab this at the store. It's so hard finding products with my sensitive skin. Sooo many times I purchase items specifically meant for psoriasis, and it only makes things worse. Happy this wasn't the case, to say the least =)

What are your favorite lotions?


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