Indian Healing Clay Review

Aztec Clay 

 Department stores and drugstores are usually my first pick to grab beauty products. But did you know that health food stores carry a variety of all natural beauty products as well? Aside from my sushi & snack grabbing, beauty stuff is top on my list from health food stores. Even natural goodies you'd never consider on your vanity work wonders for your skin! Organic honey, coconut oil, the list goes on. Anyways, I had been looking for a good clay mask (Artificial ones aren't cutting it since my skin goes crazy with drying ingredients :( ), and this one popped up on one of my searches. Its 100 percent Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay. 

Aztec Clay 

This is what it looks like when opened. Very dry, fine, and powdery.

Bragg's Vinegar 

In the directions it states you can either use water or ACV to turn it into a paste. The ACV smells horrid, but I've read great things about it, specifically for your skin, so I chose this instead.

Aztec Clay 

I made a paste, and put it on my face until it dried completely. I could literally feel my face pulsating! It was the weirdest feeling ever lol. But my face felt SO ridiculously clean and smooth. Once the redness subsided, I felt like I had just had a wonderful facial. I totally recommend it!

Do you use natural face masks?

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