Target groceries are cheaper?!

 Target Market Pantry Pop Corn
Its no secret that I absolutely ADORE shopping at Target, or Tarjayyyy as we refer to it in my home lol. I can never leave there with at least grabbing one item! I could spend forever browsing through the makeup, devouring their GO International collections, and even going through my little treasure hunts (in their dollar bins) for Hello Kitty. Ahhhh Hello Kitty...

While looking around their clearance, I decided to browse through their food aisle. To be honest, I rarely do because I assumed it'd be pricey. I don't know why I thought that, maybe because I figured the grocery chain close by had the lowest prices? But let me tell you, boy was I WRONG. Holy hell! I can't tell you how floored I am at how cheap some stuff was! I found frozen pizzas on sale buy 3, get one free, they had a sale if you bought 2 packages of deli meat, you get Wonder Bread free (which btw I would've bought bread anyways!). I found fresh mozzarella balls for 2.99 (A particular popular organic market carries the same brand for 5 bucks!), and my list goes on. I'm still in shock just writing this. I love that I can pick up groceries for a GREAT price, and grab a pair of Gilligan O'Maley panties on the way out. Now if only I could manage to get my local Target to carry Parisian Macarons and Sushi. =)

What's your favorite product at Target? Have you bought your groceries there yet?