Hard Candy Mouthing Off Lip Sheer Shine

I absolutely LOVE when local stores carry high end, or department store products. I can't tell you how excited I was when I found out a grocery store started carrying Hard Candy products. I was over the moon!

Hard Candy Mouthing Off Lip Sheer Shine
#207 Au Natural 

Usually I tend to buy nude glosses, but frosted ones are fun to wear too. It's not too bright, and it gives just enough shimmer to give my pout a "glossy" look.


It's a very pretty color, not too thick or sticky, and has a very pleasant scent. It smells of sweet vanilla. Its very frosty, and a perfect boost to a nude lip ;-)

  • Great Price
  • Great Scent
  • Smooth Application
  • Pretty Color
  • Doesn't flare up my dermatitis
  • Odd packaging (Paper like material, so it gets dirty quite easily in my make up bag.) But if that's what keeps the cost down, I'm all for it!
Over all a great buy!!

What is your favorite Hard Candy product?

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