Peacock Ornaments!

I LOVE to craft. Honestly, if I had no other responsibilities (and a bigger wallet haha.), I could happily craft things all day long. I have so many "one day I will" pins on my pinterest board, its sad! Hopefully, one day when we buy our own home (and when I finish my schooling!), I'll have the luxury to do crafts, entertain, and beautify my home to my heart's content. Most of the crafts I'd enjoy doing, would be holiday type stuff, or showcasing personal items. Specifically, I mean baby stuff (footprints, fingerprints, my kids' first baby clothing etc.) & items commemorating my marriage (our courtship too!). I'd like to hang momentos around my home so it LOOKS like our home, you know? I'm kind of picky when it comes to decor, I don't like clutter or cheesy decorations. I think if I do it in a monochromatic way, I could make it look nice. Maybe...

In search of doing an easy craft (and scratching my itch a bit!), I found a neat ornament one on pinterest. It's a peacock feather in a glass ball. Simple & elegant.


 It was so incredibly easy to do! I bought some peacock feathers on sale at Hobby Lobby, and along with my coupon I was able to grab some stuff for a good price. ;-)

Here's the link for the pinterest idea.

And here's my link to follow me =)

What crafts are you working on? I'd love to hear some ideas!


  1. Hey, if you want, check out my blog, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae

  2. this is such a great idea!!! I love La La Land - so many cool things are happening here;-))))

  3. I like how this looks! I might have to try it!

    1. Thanks! It was so simple and easy to do. I'm really looking forward to doing more hands on crafts.


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