Baby Lips Review


I stopped by the store, and finally grabbed the baby lips!  To be honest, it grabbed my attention because of the cute packaging. It kind of reminded me of a new and improve lip smacker. All I need is a bon  bon nail polish, "babysoft" perfume in an oldschool caboodle box, and I'm set! hahaha. You only got that if you're a 90's baby I guess =)

My first pick was the peppermint. Its clear, so obviously has no color. I love picking out peppermint glosses because peppermint is a natural lip plumper (along with cinnamon!). It increases blood flow to the lips, therefore giving them a little bit of a tingle and "plump" effect. Unfortunately, it really didn't give much of any tingling. But it's refreshing for bedtime nonetheless.

The punch pink has a "tutti-fruity" kind of scent to it. It looks bright in the swatch, but on my lips it looks less pink. It's pretty sheer, just a light touch of pink.

The peach kiss smells of sweet peaches, and has more of a mauve color on my lips. I was hoping for more of a nude color, but I should have been able to tell it had a darker hue.

All in all, the packaging is cute, and for a quick hint of color not a bad choice. As far as it smoothing your lips, when it finally wore off, it actually dried my lips more. BUT, in its defense I do have dry skin, and my lips are pretty picky when it comes to lip moisturizers.

  • Cute Packaging
  • Nice subtle color
  • Nice scent
  • Did not work well with my dermatitis.

Have you tried the baby lips line?

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