Pink Friday

Today, I had my baby's first year Dr.'s appt (I can't believe he's already a YEAR old =X). I was pretty happy that my mom was able to take some time to watch my 4 yr old. He always gets sad when the baby starts crying, and it turns into a *very* long day whenever we go to the doctors. It's like baby mama drama times a billion. After the appointment we stopped for snacks, and went to an all you can eat Sushi/Hibachi buffet. I felt like such a fat ass afterward, but it was worth it. I loved their Ika nigiri (which is one of my favorite), noodles, and stews galore. I forgot to take pictures of the food, but I inhaled it so quickly there was no time. I took one of a cute fur key chain they were selling behind the counter instead =). I couldn't decide between the pink or black, so I got hot pink to match my purse. I'm considering going back for the black one too haha.


We stopped at McDonald's, to grab some snacks before going to the Dr. We were going to grab wraps, but I remninded my mom that while we were hungry, that crap ends up making us feel horrible an hour later. She got an oatmeal, and I bought the much more healthier apple caramel sundae bwahaha. It must be something new? I had never seen it before. While waiting for our food, I caught a glimpse of this sign on the door.


It reads "This door is not an entrance, Go THATTA Way." Um.... Whicha way?? LOL. Only in the south people!.....only in the south =X.


The sundae was so good. Just enough to hold me off for dinner, and apples with caramel are my favorite! Its was very simple, just chunks of granny smith apples, a drizzle of caramel, all on top of vanilla ice cream. I never thought I'd love apples so much in my ice cream! It was surprisingly good, and why not? I love strawberries & bananas.... Apples should've been obvious.

The kids & I had a good time spending time with my mom. The kids were climbing on her, and playing rough with her lol. It's neat to see how much love my parents have for my kids. I really feel blessed to have them in my life<3 Happy Friday! Hopefully the weekend to follow is just as sweet.

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