Flea Marketing II

Flea marketing has always been something I enjoy doing. I really wish I could go to more antique markets, but unfortunately until we buy our house, I don't think it would be wise to buy more junk to move around. I can't wait until we move! I love to decorate, and it would mean a lot to me to have our own house, and feel grounded while raising our little family. I imagine the kids outside playing in our yard while I garden. Haha I've turned into an old lady! I imagine myself canning, doing crafts, decorating, and going all out during holidays! Hopefully one day soon....

When we arrived home from the flea market, hubs surprised me with some doughnuts!

The best part of antiquing is coming home and unloading the treasures. I purchased this blown glass bottle to lay on my vanity. So pretty!


I love to cook, so whenever I find a cook book on sale I'm super intrigued.  I found 3 books (NEW) for 2 dollars a piece. They were by my favorite authors (Love Food). I think they have the best recipes, and such a huge range too. I'm surprised I actually buy books since pretty much everything is available online. I think its because I like feeling the actually book, and pages in my hands. I'm not ready for book readers quite yet.

I found this "Gucci" ring LOL. It'll probably never see the light of day, I can never bring myself to wear something out if its not real... (It is real silver, I just doubt the label is lol.) I just thought it was cute and shiny =X Because that makes sense haha.

I love collecting vintage perfume bottles. I'm counting the days that I can proudly display my old Avon bottles in my home. I hope to have a huge art room, and have them hanging up in a shadow box for inspiration.



This is an old Johnson & Johnson bottle. I imagine it was baby cream at some point? It's a white glass container. I love how the old bottles were all glass, I'm not fond of the plastic flimsy stuff now.



 I saw a vintage swatch watch, but it wasn't that cute =/ I considered buying it to resell, but meh... I'm in the mood to hit up more antique shops. I have a friend that has never been to a flea market, so I'm excited to start exploring some new places with her. Should be a good time!

Ky Expo Flea Market

Kentucky Exposition Center
937 Phillips Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40209

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